Yacht Charter Croatia Last Minute

Last minute: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 439

07.04. - 14.04., 4 / 8+2 berths. Seget Donji, your price 754 € (- 42%)

Spring cleaning of our sailboats


If we want our sailing yachts to sail smooth and faultless, we need to maintain them regularly. Underwater hull inspection is needed on every-year basis. And the best time for the procedure is one sunny and dry week in April. Just before our Croatia sailing season starts.



In order to make our sailing season relaxed and without any technical difficulties, we need to inspect and clean the underwater hull from sea shells, algae, and other vegetation. It is important to change the galvanic cell protectors to prevent the keel to rust.



All the corrosion has to be removed and grind. The rusty parts need to be replaced and cleaned, anchor chain replaced or renovated if it turns rusty.




Cleaning of the boat fenders to prevent the stains on the hull, that has been previously polished with 2 layers of paste and wax.




Winch service has to be one every year, so that they spin smoothly and the bearings sound like a clock. Not to forget the above-water maintenance - the sails, electric installation check, water pup cleaning and toilet inspection - we are ready for the new sailing in Croatia adventures.


Now we are ready to sail until the next season...