Eco Sailing

Eco Sailing Croatia

We will anchor in isolated coves

We will anchor in isolated coves

Join Active Sailing Croatia crew on a unique mission and contribute to sustain the "green policy" of the Croatian coast. 


On our route we will tend to keep the awareness of keeping the sea and coast clean, separate the garbage, visit local eco farms, taste mainly home produced food and wine to support local agriculture and try to stay under the sails most of the time. Just let the forces of nature carry our sailing boat.


You will have the unique chance to 


  •  •   Discover the Croatian coastline beauties from the sea


  •  •   Taste the local cuisine, and genuine home products


 •   Feel and taste how the genuine food tastes like


  •  •   Add the significant contribution to the essence of sailing culture


  •  •   Help support the advance of local community and ecological production


  •  •   Vistit 2 local eco farms on our route and learn about local agriculture


  •  •    Fully participate in the activity sailing Croatia program and learn how to sail


 •    Experience the feeling of how Adriatic once was

Visit wildlife park on Brioni island

Visit wildlife park on Brioni island

Where?  We have 2 route options (Istria and North Dalmatia) for the next season planned.


Starting from marina Zadar, marina Sukošan and Biograd in north Dalmatia region.


And starting from Rovinj in Funtana marina or Pula from marina Veruda in Istria.


When? One week or 3-4 day routes are possible in May and October.


What are the prices?


3 - 4 day price stars from 350 €/person in case of a fully booked sailing yacht (minimum 6 people).

We will taste freshly caught fish from local fisherman

We will taste freshly caught fish from local fisherman

What is included?


-fully equipped sailing yacht (Mp3 player, GPS, dinghy, outboard engine..)

-a competent skipper and organization of the trip

-transit log (final cleaning of the boat)

-all the taxes

-7 nights and 8 days of unforgettable adventure

-welcome eco pack (paper towels, fresh bottled water, toilet paper, sponge, garbage bags...)

- two visits of "eco farms"

- deposit for the sailing yacht 




-berths and marina fees on the route, national park fee

-food for the crew and skipper aboard the yacht(prepared by the crew)

Wine is one of the most popular Croatian products

Wine is one of the most popular Croatian products

It is essential to bring a positive impact and responsible attitude towards our natural habitat and promote local products in order to sustain and give an opportunity to the regional development.

Eco sailing in Croatia has the potential of becoming a chain reaction along the Adriatic coast and with the like-minded people can, and will develop on a global level.



In this case, our legacy is preserved and sustained to the next generations in all its beauty. All together we can actively create a long-term synergy that will blossom through the generations to come.

Sailing in Croatia is a relaxation for your body and soul

Sailing in Croatia is a relaxation for your body and soul

Some helpful information regarding your tour:


How do I get there?


You can fly directly to Zadar or Pula airport. On airport you can always take a taxi or a bus transfer to the port. It takes 15-20 minutes and app. 25€. Or you can come by car. There is always enough space to park in the marina. Besides, our skippers will give you full instructions how to get to the spot. Embarkation is on Saturday at 15:00, disembarkation next Saturday until 09:00. Before check-out, you are required to remove your luggage.


Do I need any sailing experience?


No, we have a professional skippers to take care of your comfort and safety. Our "house" skippers know the local waters in Croatia and their sailing responsibilities. They are insured and fully skilled to navigate the yacht. Checking the weather conditions and to sail safely through the local waters is their main occupation. They have all the information where to navigate the yacht and where to anchor. However, our sailors are always welcome to participate in sailing.

Our Dalmatian Route

Our Dalmatian Route

How does a sailing yacht look?


Our top-quality sailing yachts can accommodate from four to twelve people with double and bunk beds. Each cabin is for two persons. One bed belongs to the skipper. There is also plenty of space in the salon, but we don't recommend to sleep in the boat's salon, especially if you want to have more space and privacy. You can also book the whole cabin as a single, a couple or with a friend. Here you can check how the sailing yacht looks like.

On our route we will visit seaside vineyards and taste local wine

On our route we will visit seaside vineyards and taste local wine

What do I bring?


Pack mainly soft bags rather than hard suitcases which are more difficult to stow away in lockers onboard, so that and you will have more space in your rooms. During the day is quite warm, but in the evenings can become cooler, so bring a sweater or a wind jacket. Don’t take high heels, you won’t need them. Just take a pair of sneakers and flip flops, couple of t-shirts, towels and a swimming suit.

In case you are on a Euro trip or coming from far away carrying a big hard suitcase, you can leave it in a locker in the home marina during the week.


Don't forget!!!

-sun lotion, extra swimming towels

-bikinis, shorts, swimsuit

-snorkeling equipment

-sunglasses and a hat for the sun protection

-your passport or personal ID

-your personal items(prescription pills, medicine for allergy...)

-positive vibes

Don't bring your bed linen, pillows and blankets, because they are already on the boat!

Combination of wind, sea and sails offers a complete freedom

Combination of wind, sea and sails offers a complete freedom

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