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Istria, with its capital Pula, is probably one of the most family friendly destinations in Croatia. Numerous camping resorts, tidy pebbled beaches, natural wonders and colorful water worlds offer amazing opportunities for all kinds of outdoor activities. That is why this part of Croatian coast earned a reputation of being a "promised land" for families with kids. 

Northern Adriatic gained extra popularity on the account of being so close to Italy. You can feel the Italian influence on almost every corner therefore, Istria is often called the "Croatian Tuscany".

Whether you walk the narrow stony streets of historic towns or admire the stunning Venetian fronts of the monumental architecture of Roman cities or simply gaze at the remarkable natural beauties, you will with no doubt get drawn into the leisurely Mediterranean temperament and warmth of local people, who would gladly invite you to taste their world-famous Istrian cuisine. Wouldn't it be exciting to first-hand experience that on a 7-day private family sailing trip?

Renting a suitable Croatia yacht charter is the first step towards your perfect getaway...

Sailing activity is perfect for children of all ages

Start Your 7-Day Family Sailing Vacation


Taking your close ones on a sailing trip to discover distant countries in a unique and exciting way could be a life-time adventure, and a true bonding time for families with children. To hire a private sailboat charter in Pula gives you an amazing opportunity to visit historic towns Rovinj, Vrsar, Rab, Poreč and island Lošinj under the sails. And you can do it at your own pace.  

If you feel like getting away from busy beaches and buzzing streets, simply weight you anchor for a memorable sailing cruise across the mystic Kvarner gulf. You might encounter on a school of dolphins, tunas or swordfish.

Here you can explore hidden emerald coves of distant islands Unije and Silba, or admire beautiful landscapes within Istrian wildlife parks cape Kamenjak and Brioni isles. If your kids want extra fun, freely make a stop in the buzzing town of Medulin. Here you can find some of the most famous Istrian beaches with countless water attractions for your children.

INTERNAL TIP: When you sail with kids, please remember the most important rule "keep your daily distances small" and make lots of stops during sailing.

Take the best sailing holidays for families in Croatia

Children Friendly Sailing Route From Pula

Rent spacious sailboat or Catamaran

You might want your week-long adventure to ba a relaxing and precious moment for everyone, so consider to hire rather a bit larger vessel. For families with small children a sailing yacht with swimming platform, 2 rudders and at least 3 cabins is the perfect choice. Wider and even more comfortable choice is a catamaran. Please consider to hire at least +45 ft. sailing charter or a catamaran over 40 ft. In this way, everyone should have more then enough space to play, sleep, or simply rest on a week-long Croatia sailing trip.

Hire crewed or skippered Croatia yacht charter 

Hire Croatian skipper from reliable Croatia yacht charter agency and make this journey a family-bonding experience. Friendly, warm and sociable local skippers know Adriatic coast as their own backyard. They are always ready to help with route planning, recommend safest anchorages, best swimming spots, top local restaurants and if you wish, show you some basic sailor's skills and introduce you to the wonderful world of sailing. If you want more privacy aboard, they will gladly provide as much space as possible.

Skippered or crewed Croatia sailing charter provides a unique chance to really relax and enjoy some precious time with your spouse and kids, so feel free to adjust your sailing trip in Croatia together with the skipper. Here are some tips and FAQ's that could be useful for a family sailing vacation.

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