A private sailing trip is the ultimate way to experience the authenticity of Dalmatia. Discover the most remarkable islands of southern Adriatic on a 7-day adventure on a private sailing yacht or catamaran trip from Split.

Admire picturesque Mediterranean landscapes, spectacular islands Hvar, Vis, Korčula and Brač, sail through the calm and clear Adriatic, explore rich cultural heritage of epic villages and swim in emerald secluded coves.

Although this suggested itinerary is off the beaten route (mainly to avoid the tourist dense areas) is still completely flexible and can be adjusted to your wishes with your skipper at embarkation.

Knowledgeable Croatian skipper will not only be in charge of safety aboard, but also your tour guide. He will be happy to introduce you to the intriguing beauty of living at sea and make your journey down the magnificent Dalmatian coast a memorable and genuine experience.

Sailing from Split on a catamaran

Split Sailing Tours

Things to experience on a sailing trip from Split

  • sail to the enchanting island Vis and fishing town Komiža
  • explore amazing local gastronomy of islands Šolta and Lastovo
  • visit Biševo isle and the famous "Blue Cave"
  • discover the nightlife of the buzzing Hvar town
  • have a romantic dinner anchoring in secluded cove on island Brač
  • swim, snorkel and dive emerald waters of Vis and Lastovo
  • taste the famous wines Grk or Pošip on Korčula and Pelješac
  • traditionally prepared grilled meat or fish is a must-try
Swim or snorkel in secluded cove on  Vis

Best Split Sailing Itinerary 

Set sail from Split on our beautiful sailboats and catamarans below.


Price Range From 1.990€ (May) - 5.290€ (August)


Price Range From 1.650€ (May) - 3.690€ (August)


Price Range From 2.490€ (May) - 4.990€ (August)


Some useful tips for your sailing trip


In the off-season the price for a 40-foot comfort line sailing yacht accommodating 4 guests plus skipper, starts at 1.000€/week. The cost in the peak summer months lies at 2.000€. A 50-foot premire line sailboat or a new 40-foot catamaran cost is from 3.500-5.500€/week in the top and around 2.500€ in the shoulder season. Skipper cost starts at 130€/day for a 3-cabin sailboat.


Cost for a comfort line 4-cabin sailing yacht in shouder season (May or late September) in Croatia is around 1.600€/week. In peak season prices start at 2.500€/week. A 40-foot new catamaran price in off-season is about 2.000€, peak season from 5.500€ The price includes 1-week yacht rental, final cleaning and dinghy with ourboatd engine.


Croatian coast has a typically mild Mediterranean climate with pleasant temperatures and almost no rain through the whole summer season. The streets might be busier with tourists but you won’t regret if you visit Croatia between June and September. If you are taking a sailing trip and want to avoid crowds, best month to visit Croatia is June. The weather in June is pleasant with lots of sun, days are longer, sea temperatures perfect for swimming and not as hot as in July or August during the day. Yacht rental prices are still lower compared to the peak season and you can always get a free berth in the town port and or a free place in a restaurant.


Generally, Croatia is one of the safest countries in the world. Overall crimes in Croatia are quite low making it extremely safe to travel around. By land, or at sea. This Mediterranean gem is the cradle of sailing holidays and a true paradise for sailing inclined. With warm and calm Adriatic sea, fair weather, abundance of sunshine, moderate winds and warm local people is a must-visit for beginners or experienced sailors.


Overall, Croatia has moderate prices compared to other European countries. The prices, however vary between the coast and inland. Locals say that prices at Croatian coast rise as you travel from north to south. Seaside places and Dalmatian islands can be considerable expensive, while northern regions Istria and Kvarner still keep their prices comparable to the inland. Remember to rather eat and drink local then imported.

Some prices at the coast:

  • cup of coffee 1.5€
  •  pint of local beer 2.5€
  •  1,5l bottled water from store 0.7€
  •  public transport 1-2€ one way
  • 1 bottle of local medium quality wine in store 6€
  •  average 3- course dinner 25-30€/person

Total trip cost really depends on where and how you choose to spend your money and your travelling habits. Yacht charter prices in Croatia are still 10-15% cheaper then in Italy, Greece or Spain. On a sailing trip you can easily get around on daily budget app. 30-40€/person/day.


To charter a comfort line, 40-foot sailing yacht, registered for max. 6 persons in early June or late September from Split lies at 1.500€/week. In the peak season (July, August) 2.300€. Cost for a 45-foot premiere line sailboat in the off season lies at 2.000€, peak season 3.500€.


  • sailing yacht
  • end cleaning
  • dinghy with outboard engine
  • Wi-Fi connection aboard.

Obligatory Extras

  • skipper from 130€/day
  • tourist tax 1.4€/day/person
  • fuel app. 50€/week
  • port and marina fees
  • food and beverages
  • deposit for yacht 1.500-3000€ (refundable)


Average price for a newer 40-foot catamaran Lagoon 40 with 10-person capacity in main season varies between 4.000€ - 6000€. In shoulder season 2.500€ - 4.000€. The cost includes one-week catamaran charter, end cleaning, bedding, handling fees and dingy with outboard. Fully crewed Croatia luxury catamaran charter with half board starts at 8.800€ in the off-season and 20.000€ within the peak season July or August.


Local port fees start at 50€/night for 40 foot sailing yacht and it can go up to 120€/berth in some top marinas. Add 50% extra for same length catamaran. It is also up to the boat length and marina quality service. Price usually includes fresh water refill, shore power, toilet and bathroom facilities. Buoy charge ranges from 25 to 40€. Anchoring is free of charge. A mixture of above options gives the best balance through the week for most groups.


One of best internal tips is to please remember and pack light

With plenty of sun, Croatia is one of the sunniest European destinations. The climate along the Adriatic coast in summer is quite dry and hot. If your sailing trip is in summer, just bring bathing suite, extra swimming towels, and your personal wardrobe (not too much). In case of rain you need to bring some warm clothes, maybe a light sweater, water resistant wind jacket and a pair of sneakers with rubber sole. It is highly recommended to bring your soft handbag a duffel bag or rucksack instead of a plastic suitcase, simply to gain more space in your cabin. Please read about the Sail Croatia Packing List for newbies.

8 Things that you Don't want to forget:

  •   boarding pass/voucher
  •   sun pro tection items (sun lotion, sunglasses for UV protection, hat)
  •   bathing suit or a swim suit
  •   your passport, or personal ID, enough cash, health insurance
  •   swimming towels
  •   your personal items (prescription pills, medicine for allergy...)
  •   a wind stopper or a wind breaker in summer a long-sleeved cardigan would do
  •   positive vibes (leave your worries at home)

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