A gentle holiday cruise across the azure blue Adriatic sea is an excellent idea for a romantic trip, honeymoon journey, anniversary celebration or just a getaway with that someone special.

Croatia is among most best kept secrets for a honeymoon vacation in Europe. This hidden gem is a remarkable blend of crystal clear seas, diverse flora and fauna, unique culture, historic stone-walled towns, natural beaches and remarkable culinary delights. Warm and sunny climate, leisurely pulse of the country's remarkable coast and amazing natural surroundings make Croatia the perfect Mediterranean destination for a honeymoon sailing trip.

Experience the best of the Croatian coast on a private sailboat

Rent sailboat in Croatia and discover hundreds of beautiful islands, walk the streets of ancient villages and explore world-known European UNESCO world heritage sites from the comfort of a sailing boat. Chartering a private sailing yacht or spacious catamaran in Croatia is a unique opportunity to explore this infinite coast at your own pace. Relax and enjoy delightful holiday moments aboard your private Croatia sailboat charter within the company of your loved one.

What is the best time to sail in Croatia?

With pleasant summer temperatures, this secret Mediterranean pearl really is a paradise and a perfect Destination for a relaxing yachting holiday. Best time to sail Croatia is in summer season between the months June and September.

Croatia is one well kept secrets for a honeymoon trip
Croatia Sailing Holidays For Couples

Best Honeymoon Sailing Charters in Croatia

 6 reasons why a sailing trip is best vacation for couples 

  • Authenticity. A private yacht trip in Croatia can be a unique vacation to cherish and remember forever
  • Discovering Romantic Destinations. You have the advantage of exploring the highlights at your own pace
  • Idyllic Atmosphere. Private yacht charter, exotic beaches, amazing sunsets, and quaint villages. Is there anything better?
  • Personalised Itinerary. Anchoring in secluded bays, discovering charming islands or just chilling - is all up to you.
  • Intimacy. Enjoy in full privacy and intimacy on your yacht charter holiday.
  • Comfort. Hiring sailboat or Croatia catamaran charter guarantees plenty of space and extra commodity on deck for a couple.

A 7-day Private Romantic Tour Is a 2 in 1 vacation

  •  tailor-made honeymoon sailing experience
  •  a private yacht vacation including the very best of the Croatian coast

7-day Croatia Honeymoon Itinerary

Hopping from one island to another, anchoring in remote coves, lost under the opened starry skies, having a glass of wine and watching the sun slowly sink behind horizon, is an experience beyond compare. The itineraries on private Croatia honeymoon yacht charters are completely flexible and can be tailored and personalised to suit your needs.

Best sailing destinations in Europe for couples

You will find most romantic islands in Croatia if you start your 7-day sailing trip from Zadar town. Located in northern Dalmatia, this is one of the most island dense areas in the world. With three iconic Croatian national parks, picturesque Venetian towns and idyllic sailing locations, the city Zadar is the most popular place, where you can hire a yacht in Croatia. If you desire seclusion, landscape diversity and exotic bays, this is probably best honeymoon destination in Croatia.

Please find some other sailing Itineraries in Croatia from premium yachting destinations:

Sailing from Pula

Sailing From Split

Dubrovnik Sailing Itinerary

Crewed or a Skippered Honeymoon Cruise?

1. Crewed Yacht charters 

This is certainly the most exclusive option including full board package with a professional staff. A hostess and a chef. Sailing between the beautiful islands on a fully-catered crewed yacht charter in Croatia, with premium services on board is every couple's dream. Your crew is there to cater to your every whim and ensure a relaxing adventure that you will cherish and forever.

2. Sailing in Croatia with skipper

Skippered honeymoon charter is very popular with couples, who desire extra flexibility on their route itineraries. Your knowledgeable Croatian skipper will get a feeling for the adventure you are after, recommend the best sailing routes in Croatia and adjust the itineraries to your wishes. They will give their best to present the very best of the Croatian coast during your special journey.

How much for a sailing vacation?

That basically depends on your traveling style and budget. If you wish more comfort on board, we recommend that you rent sailboat in Croatia with 3 large cabins, 1 master bedroom and 2 heads. Rental price for newer 40-foot sailing yacht within the summer season is 2.500€ per week on average, standard catamaran around 5.000€. Skipper fee starts at 140€ per day.

In Summer months weekly yacht charters in Croatia run Saturdays. However, in shoulder season (May, June or September) short sailing trip in Croatia can also be arranged.

Flexible itinerary on your Croatia honeymoon holiday
A Luxury honeymoon catamaran charter
Croatia is a perfect destination for romantic escapes
Private sailboat honeymoon
honeymoon ideas sailing Europe

Skippered Honeymoon Sailing Vacations

Sailing in Croatia with skipper is the most authentic way to experience the secluded treasures of Adriatic as a local. Not only your skipper will safely navigate the boat, but you can also gain some internal knowledge, tips and information about the area you are about to visit. 

If you are looking for secluded coves, romantic quiet places, or buzzing island towns, he will be happy to guide you there. Our crew is discreet, flexible and will assure as much privacy aboard as you need.

Croatian skippers know best places to sail, nicest beaches to swim and will advise you on which islands you can receive the best restaurants where you can eat local, fresh and tasty. Many of these family-run taverns are located on these islands:

Silba, Kornati, Vis, Hvar, Brač, Kaprije, Lastovo, Korčula and Šolta.

What can be better than having a romantic dinner only 5 feet away from the sea? Your skipper can eat separately, so that you can have as much privacy and intimacy as needed. 

You can either hire a sailing yacht or a skippered catamaran along the Croatian coast, it all depnds on your travelling style and budget. Discovering Croatia on a sailboat will make the whole holiday experience more dynamic. While Croatia catamaran holiday adventure is recommended for couples, that desire more space, privacy and exclusivity for a honeymoon.

Adriatic coast creates idyllic atmosphere for couples

Honeymoon sailing vacation FAQs


Best places in Croatia for couples are the idyllic Dalmatian islands. A unique way to feel the true heartbeat of this attractive coast is taking a private sailing trip with your loved one. When you plan a journey with that someone special, be sure not to miss out these places:

  • Silba - the "island of love" and the most impressive sunsets in northern Dalmatia
  • Hvar - visiting one of the beach bars and buzzing promenade in Hvar town is a must-do
  • Kornati - ultimate getaway for anyone searching for authenticity, top local gastronomy and pure nature
  • Kaprije - a perfect bend of amazing locally-run cuisine and genuine Dalmatian hospitality
  • Vis a long-time forbidden island is now a true heaven for active explorers, reflecting impressive biotic diversity
  • Korčula - lush green island of travelers, rich cultural and historic heritage and a home to some of the best wines of Croatia


Average Croatia sailing yacht charter cost within the summer season is around 2.500 euros per week, in the off seson between 1.500 and 2.000. 40-foot sailboat with 3 cabins is recommended for couples that wish more space and privacy on board and a large matster bedroom.

What does that price include?

  • one week yacht charter
  • end cleaning, bedding, bathroom towels
  • dinghy with engine
  • Wi-Fi connection on board

What are the extras? (mandatory to pay at spot):

  • skipper service from 140€ per day
  • fuel per consumption average 50€ per week
  • food for you and your skipper
  • port and marina fees on route average 70€ per berth


In the eastern Mediterranean, Croatia bareboat charters offer affordable rental prices and deals for a private 7-day sailing holiday. However, the final price depends on sailboat age, length and what time of the season do you want to rent it.

The perfect yacht for couples is comfortable 40-foot yacht with the average price of 2.200€/week in peak season. That covers the vessel, transit log, end cleaning, bedding, handling fees and dingy with outboard engine. Please bear in mind that you also need to cover the safety deposit for yacht 1.500€ and sojourn tax 1.35€/person per day.


Croatia in general, is one of the safest countries in the world. Overall crimes in Croatia, compared to other European countries, are quite low making it extremely safe to travel around. By land, or at sea. This Mediterranean gem is the cradle of sailing holidays and a true paradise for sailing inclined.

Crystalline Adriatic, myriad of stunning islands, warm Mediterranean climate, abundance of sunshine, traditional hospitality of locals and top-notch cuisine, make Croatian coast idyllic sailing destination for couples.


There are many inclusions on your private sailing cruise in Croatia that you pay before the departure. These are are the items alraedy included in your private skippered yacht holiday


  • end cleaning, handling fee and charter base costs
  • bed linen, cooking gas
  • towels (only for bathroom use)
  • Wi-Fi connection up to 10 GB
  • outboard engine and dinghy


  • Croatian skipper from 140€-160€ per day (Payable at embarkation)
  • sojourn/tourist tax 1.35€/person/day
  • fuel for the boat app.50€ weekly
  • port and mooring fees (from 50-120€ for a 40 foot sailboat)
  • SUP (stand up paddle board) 100€
  • half board 35€/day per person
  • chef from 150€/day
  • hostess from 130€/day
  • taxis and transfers (water taxi 10 -15€/person)


Rent yacht in Croatia to suit your travlling style and budget

First estimate how much space do you need and your approx. budget. When you plan to take a honeymoon sailing trip, catamaran might be a better choice. It assures more privacy and space to spend with your loved one. If you stay on a budget, a 40 foot comfort line sailing yacht with 2 steering wheels and a large master bedroom with separate bathroom should do.

  • Most popular sailboat for a honeymoon cruise - Sun Odyssey 440
  • Most popular catamaran for a honeymoon cruise - Lucia 40

When you hire a sailing yacht, your adventure will be definitively more genuine with more sailing pleasures and quiet with minimum fuel consumption. Catamarans are wider, more stable, and comfortable, ensuring extra space when it comes into the quality of living aboard. However, extra commodity and luxury, means also higher rental price, larger costs on fuel, berths and marina berths. Most catamarans have a flybridge that assures extra space and privacy for your group.

When you think green, rent a sailboat

Less consumption means less exhaust into the sea. Especially if you like more action and extra activity you will certainly want to stay most of the time under sails. When you book a sailboat charter in Croatia  you also receive that special opportunity to embrace the land's amazing landscapes in full authenticity. Sailing holiday will elevate your sailing experience to a completely different level.


Sailing in Croatia in summer August and July might be quite busy with tourists, but the weather is simply glorious.. If you like more action, vivacity, buzzing streets and warm Mediterranean temperatures, you will hit the spot, if your book a Croatia sailing trip in peak season months when social season is in full swing. But if you prefer more tranquillity, an to truly feel the genuine heartbeat of the country, set sails in months June or September.

Weather conditions with bit stronger winds, yet still warm temperatures in September can be a pure delight for activity yachting vacation. If you prefer longer days, lower yacht charter prices and warmer temperatures, book your holiday in June.


A relaxed round trip in Croatia usually takes 7 days. Within main season (July, August), yacht charters in Croatia start and end Saturdays. In shoulder season months a short sailing trip can be also arranged. To explore best coastal places and visit the most beautiful Croatian islands, at least 1-week tour is recommended.


With plenty of sun, Croatia is one of the sunniest European countries. Climate along the Adriatic coast in summer is typically Mediterranean, which means quite dry and hot. If you are taking a cruising holiday in summer, bring bathing suite, extra swimming towels, and your personal wardrobe. It is highly recommended to bring a soft handbag a duffel bag instead of a plastic suitcase and remember to pack light.

8 Things that you Don't want to forget:

  • boarding pass and reservation documents
  • sun protection (sun lotion, sunglasses for UV protection, hat)
  • bathing suit or a swimsuit (3-5 pairs)
  • your passport, or personal ID, enough cash and pack ZipLock bags to keep documents dry
  • swimming towels
  • your personal items (prescription pills, medicine for allergy...)
  • a wind stopper or a wind breaker in summer a long-sleeved cardigan would do
  • positive vibes (leave your worries at home)

Please read about the Sail Croatia Packing List for newbies.


Yes. One-way sailing trips (Split - Dubrovnik & Zadar - Split) or vice versa are available. A fee of 350 - 450€ is mandatory. One-Way itineraries do not include port fees at disembarkation. Unless agreed otherwise upon your booking confirmation, we kindly ask all our passengers to disembark by 12:00 am on Friday, to allow enough time for your skipper to return the yacht back to the base marina.

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