Family Sailing Vacations

Croatian coast is the home of Mediterranean sailing holidays and the most popular European destination for a family sailing holiday. Family sailing trip in Croatia is an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. That is why yacht vacation on a private sailing charter in Croatia can be unique opportunity to teach your kids valuable communication and cooperation skills. There is nothing like trying to accomplish an exciting task together and strengthen the family bonds in a relaxing environment. Give your kids a chance to steer the boat or help your skipper with the sails. They will be talking about it for years.

Surrounded with hundreds of beautiful islands and sky-blue Adriatic simply surrender yourself to the soothing ambience and enjoy your sailing holiday in Croatia in the embrace of you loved ones.

Family catamaran vacations

Family Yacht Charter Croatia

A sailing trip can be a perfect family holiday and an excellent opportunity to motivate your children during your well-deserved vacation. It can all be a part of a common adventure. Your kids are going to love our spacious and comfortable yachts. Make your cruising holidays a memorable experience and hire yacht charters in most popular Croatia family friendly sailing destinations Split Pula Zadar or Dubrovnik, or join flotilla holiday experience and hire one of our bareboats in UNESCO site Trogir old town.


This attractive cruiser is among most affordable sailing yachts in Croatia also available in flotilla yacht charter. Layout with 3 large cabins, a spacious cockpit and a swimming platform is ideal for small families.

BALI 4.6

The impressive BALI multi-hulls are the new generation of cruising catamarans. Gentle exterior lines, contemporary feel and endless relaxation areas, speaks of the yard’s desire to charm larger families.


Our most popular family catamaran for longer Adriatic cruises. Safe to move around and very stable on the waves. Also available for a one-way Split to Dubrovnik charter fully crewed.

Best family friendly sailing destinations in Croatia

1. Zadar sailing Tour

Picking the most suitable and safest sailing destination in Croatia is essential for before renting a yacht. Extremely popular Croatia sailing itinerary for families is yacht trip from Zadar. This area is the most island dense county in the Mediterranean and a paradise for a family sailing vacation. Between myriad of tiny islands, your adventure will not only be safer, but also more interesting. Easy island hopping and thousands beautiful beaches for swimming will make everyone happy. Rent bareboat charter in Croatia in Zadar town or UNESCO World heritage site Šibenik.

2. Istria sailing adventure

Heart-shaped Istria peninsula is overall one of the most popular European family destinations. Impressive wildlife parks, secret beaches and astounding flora and fauna, are at the doorstep of the region's capital, the historic city of Pula. Diversity of Istria and Kvarner Bay is breathtaking. Romantic Venetian towns, colourful fishing villages and intact landscapes are ideal environment for a family getaway. Rent sailboat in Pula to discover charming Istrian towns, and idyllic bays where you can relax in tranquil moments in a gentle swing of your yacht.

Family friendly vacations in Europe

A private sailing trip assures privacy, independence and flexibility

The main difference between cabin cruisers and a private Croatia yacht charter is in authenticity and flexibility. To hire yacht in Croatia with skipper guarantees maximum independence and even more time to devote yourself to kids. Our skippers are very flexible and communicative, so adjust your daily dynamics to best suit your needs and make this journey a relaxing, family-bonding experience. Your skipper will be happy to recommend best sailing areas and provide you with top internal tips.

Is it better to rent a sailboat or a catamaran when sailing with kids?

There is a reason why Croatia is the most popular family destination in Europe. Attractive yacht rental prices, hundreds intact islands, warm sunny weather, calm Adriatic seas, endless summers and topmost Med. cuisine makes the perfect fusion for a laid-back catamaran trip in Croatia.

Catamaran vs Croatia sailboat charters

When it comes to choosing the right vessel, where you are about to spend your 7-day vacations, a spacious, stable and comfortable catamaran charter in Split might be a better choice.

The impressive volumes on catamarans provide more stability, safer environment for kids, easier movement along deck and extra privacy aboard. However, your sailing experience will be more genuine and exciting by renting a sailing boat charter in Croatia.

You are in safe hands of our knowledgeable skippers. They will take care of everything. Assist you at the boarding make sure of the safety aboard, help you to decide what places are best to visit and try to secure as much privacy and commodity as you need.

Safety's always first, so it is recommended to bring a suitable life jacket for children. The jacket should be comfortable enough for your kids to move around the boat. We recommend brighter colours like blaze orange or yellow. Something like this Watersnake Apollo jacket.

Don't forget to bring suitable life jackets for your kids
Keep your kids hydrated and their stomachs full

4 things you should consider for a family sailing cruise

Useful tips when you plan to go sailing with children

Family Sailing Vacations FAQs


Yacht rental in Croatia cost basically depends on these factors: boat type, age, length and what sailing season you wish to book it. The average cost for a 40-foot sailing boat suitable for families with 2 kids lies between 1.900€ and 2.600€ per week. Including: chartering sailboat for 7 days, end cleaning, dingy with outboard motor, bedding and bathing towels.

The Extras: 

  • local tourist tax and permit 1.35€/day per person
  • fuel for the yacht approx. 50€/week
  • safety deposit for the yacht 1.500€ (refundable)
  • skipper (optional) 140€ per day, plus food


Rental cost mostly depends on these factors: year of built, length and the season when you prefer to rent catamaran in Croatia. The price for a  family cruising catamaran Lucia 40 in summer season lies between 4.500€ and 6.000€ per week.


Croatia has always been a family and children friendly destination. It is difficult to find a better place for a leisurely sailing holiday, than in a embrace of a calm crystal-clear Adriatic sea. Set sail towards and adventure in the company of your close ones and take a relaxing holiday cruise along the remarkable Croatian coastline.

Small distances among the countless islands, well sheltered anchorages behind every corner, amazing beaches, calm and crystal-clear seas and charming seaside villages with numerous attractions for kids places Croatian coast as a No.1 family destination in Europe.

So book you sailing holiday in Croatia now, and ger ready for an adventure beyond compare.


The months between June and September are perfect for a relaxing family cruise on the eastern Adriatic. The sailing season is in full swing and the streets are busy with tourists. The weather is pleasant with abundance of sunshine, warm sea temperatures and soothing winds blowing from the open seas assuring great conditions for you to smoothly navigate among the myriad of Croatian islands.

Your kids are going love the crystalline seas, ideal for various water activities and sports, while their parents can enjoy and relax in an amazing natural ambience on their private yacht charter.


Everyone with a bit of adventurous spirit is welcome - various groups, couples, families with kids, or adrenaline seekers. A private yacht trip in Croatia is suitable for everyone that wants to experience a genuine and a different vacation. Simply sail your worries away on a one-week gentle cruise across the calm and warm Adriatic.


The exact cost for a sailing holiday trip mostly depends on the yacht's size and the services on board. Average price for a comfortable 45-foot sailing yacht within top sailing season in Croatia lies at 2.700€ premium line sailboat charter in Trogir approx. 3.800€/week. The cost for an exclusive Dubrovnik catamaran cruise suitable for larger families is between 6.500€ - 8.500€  within the high summer.

What is included?

  • yacht rental for one week
  • end cleaning, bedding
  • handling fees
  • dingy with outboard engine and Wi-Fi connection on board

Extras (to be paid at spot):

  • skipper service from 140€-170€ per day plus food
  • tourist tax 1.35€/day/person
  • safety deposit for a yacht
  • fuel per consumption
  • marina and port fees


Croatia is statistically one of the safest holiday destinations in the world. Overall crimes in Croatia are quite low making it extremely safe to travel around. By land, or at sea. This Mediterranean gem is the cradle of sailing holidays and among best European sailing destinations for families with kids. With warm and calm Adriatic sea, pleasant temperatures, abundance of sunshine, moderate winds and warm local people is a must-visit for beginners or experienced sailors. The safety at sea in at hight importance, so it is recommended to book a Croatia Yacht charter with crew.


First estimate how much space do you need and how high your budget is. When you plan a sailing trip with children, booking a skippered catamaran holiday in Croatia is your best choice. If you stay on a budget yacht charter, a sailboat with 2 steering wheels and bathing platform should do. To divide the cost, it is common that 2 families rent one catamaran. One hull for one family. 

On a sailing yacht your adventure will be definitively more genuine with more sailing pleasures and quiet with minimum fuel consumption. Catamarans are wider, more stable, and comfortable, ensuring extra space when it comes into the quality of living aboard. However, extra commodity and luxury, means also higher rental price, larger costs on fuel, an marina fees.

If you think green, rent a sailboat!

Less consumption means less exhaust into the sea. Especially if you stay most of the time under sails. Renting a sailboat in Croatia gives you a unique opportunity to embrace these amazing landscapes in full authenticity and bring your sailing experience to entirely different level.


During your family sailing vacation in Zadar Croatia make sure not to miss these ones out:

  • Kornati natural park with 100 pristine islands and islets is one of the true natural wonders in Croatia
  • Kaprije a small charming islet with typical fishing village, warm locals and top-notch Dalmatian cuisine is something you can't miss out
  • Silba or the island of love, is the perfect place to spend a romantic night on anchor surrounded with beautiful flora and fauna
  • Primošten the island village connected to a land and a nice town to visit for a relaxing stroll along the lively promenades; perfect for kids
  • Island Žut - a little gem with an amazing island cuisine and secluded emerald bays
  • Murter a home of many sailors and top culinary destination. Lively seaside village with charming marinas on the northern part surrounded with small islets, create breathtaking contrasts.


8 Things that you Don't want to forget:

  • boarding pass and reservation documents
  • sun protection (sun lotion, sunglasses for UV protection, hats)
  • life jackets for kids
  • your passport, or personal ID, enough cash
  • bathing suit or a swimsuit (3-5 pairs) and swimming towels
  • personal items (prescription pills, medicine for allergy...)
  • a wind stopper or a wind breaker in summer a long-sleeved cardigan would do
  • positive vibes (leave your worries at home)

Please read about the Sail Croatia Packing List for newbies.


Croatia has moderate prices compared to other European countries. However, the prices vary from region to region. Locals say that the prices in Croatia rise as you travel along the coast from north to south. Seaside places and Dalmatian islands can be considerable expensive while Istria and Kvarner still keep their prices comparable to the inland. Remember to rather eat and drink local then imported.

Prices for some items at the coast

  • cup of coffee 1.5€
  •  pint of local beer 2.5€
  •  1,5l bottled water from store 0.7€
  •  public transport 1-2€ one way
  • 1 bottle of local medium quality wine in store 6€
  •  average 3- course dinner 25-30€/person

Total trip cost really depends on your habits and where and how you choose to spend your money. Bareboat charter prices are 10-15% lower than in Italy, Greece or Spain. On a sailing trip you can easily get around on daily budget from 25-35€/person/day.

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