Sailing Holidays Croatia - The perfect choice for families with kids

Croatia is the home of skippered yacht charter holidays in Mediterranean. Taking a family sailing holiday in Croatia is best chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones surrounded with intact nature and hundreds of scattered islands engulfed by the calm blue seas of Adriatic. Private yacht tour on a sailboat or catamaran is a great opportunity to teach your kids valuable communication and cooperation skills. It can all be a part of your common adventure.

There is nothing like trying to accomplish an exciting task together and strengthen the family bonds. Give your kids a chance to steer the boat or help with the sails. They will be talking about it for years. Best time to sail Croatia with kids is the top season between June and September.

Central Dalmatia has best islands to sail in Croatia

Taking a sailing trip from Zadar is highly recommended for families with children. It is the most island dense area in Europe. That will make your trip not only safer but also more relaxed and interesting. It only takes a couple of miles to hop from one place to another. Numerous coves to snorkel or swim behind every corner, will certainly make your little ones happy.

Taking a sailing trip is best family vacation in Croatia

Family sailing trip on a private yacht is a unique experience

The real difference between taking a cabin cruiser or private sailing trip is in authenticity. When you hire a yacht with skipper gives you automatically more time to devote yourself to kids. Freely adjust your itinerary from day to day and make this journey a relaxed family-bonding experience. A perfect one-week family sailing itinerary is 

Zadar sailing tour

This region is full of amazing wildlife scenes, national parks, typical island towns and intact underwater habitat. You can easily sail to the amazing pirate village in Šibenik and aqua parks in Primošten or Vodice for some extra fun for the children.

Get inspired with the ultimate destinations and check best places to sail in Croatia.

Aqua Village in Šibenik. Some extra fun on the tour.

Catamaran or sailboat holidays with sociable skipper

There is a reason that this enchanting Mediterranean country, engulfed by the sparkling blue Adriatic is the most popular family destination in Europe. Calm and warm seas, small distances to navigate between hundreds of islands, sunny weather and light summer breeze, are an excellent reason for a laid-back sailing vacation. Spacious and comfortable catamaran might be a better choice if your family is used to commodity aboard, but your sailing experience will be definitively more genuine and adventurous on a sailboat.

You are in safe hands of our knowledgeable skippers. They will take care of everything. Assist you at embarkation, ensure the safety aboard, help you decide what places to visit and recommend best restaurants in the area. Safety's always first, so it is recommended to bring a suitable life jacket for children. The jacket should be comfortable enough for your kids to move around the boat. We recommend brighter colors like blaze orange or yellow like this Watersnake Apollo jacket

Don't forget to bring suitable life jackets for your kids

Some useful tips when you plan to go sailing with kids

4 things you should consider taking on your sailing trip with kids

Your kids are going to love our spacious yachts

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