Expected costs when chartering a yacht in Croatia

  • One week Yacht Rental
  • Skipper
  • Fuel
  • Croatian Local Tax
  • Port and Marina Fees
  • Food On Your Sailing Trip
Sailing in Croatia

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Croatia?

The final price for bareboat yacht charter mostly depends on these factors:

  1. Yacht's age, model and equipment

  2. Size of the yacht

  3. Yacht type (Sailboat or Catamaran)

  4. Starting date of your sailing holidays

1. It is obvious, that a brand new sailing yacht in Croatia is more expensive than a 10-year older model. However, older yachts if well maintained, can really surprise you with the performance and sailing abilities. If yacht is custom-made with special equipment installed on board (A/C, Generator, Carbon Sails, Water Maker,...) also affects the final price.

The cost for a standard 4-cabin Bavaria 46 Cruiser within high summer starts at 3.500 euros per week. 10 years older model of Bavaria 46 around 2.500€.

2. Yacht's size also plays an important role with the final price. The bigger the boat, the bigger the cost. Before you charter sailboat in Croatia first consider how many people are going to be on board and hire a yacht with enough bedrooms and sufficient space to meet everybody's needs.

3. There are numerous Croatia Sailing charter companies and agencies along the eastern Adriatic coast, where you can rent almost everything that floats. However, the most popular boat types for a private yacht holiday in Croatia are catamarans and sailing yachts.  

Catamaran vs. Sailboat charters

Discovering Croatia on a mono hull sailboat will certainly make the overall holiday experience more authentic and adventurous. While catamarans in Croatia provide some more privacy and extra comfortable atmosphere aboard. Mostly to the account of a wider hull, stability and space for the people on board, catamarans are at the moment very popular for a family sailing vacation. Even though the expense for catamaran rental in Croatia is considerably larger many nautical clients decide for a catamaran tour.

Besides higher rental fee on multi-hull, also expect about 50% higher cost on fuel and port fees. High season ( end of July ) rental price on new 40-foot catamaran with 4 cabins is comparable to a 5-cabin 50-foot sailing yacht and is around 5.500€ per week.

What Is Included in a bareboat charter?

  • Fully equipped sailing yacht
  • Handling fees at the check in and check out
  • Transit log & End cleaning
  • Wi-Fi on board
  • Fresh Bed linen, bathing towels
  • Dinghy with outboard engine
  • Mooring in the base marina

4. Bareboat yachts in Croatia are significantly cheaper during preseason months April, May and in October. Throughout June and September expect moderate prices, while the rental prices in July and August are highest. Find some tips on when is best time to sail Croatia, that might help you with choosing the dates.

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Skippered yacht charter in Croatia is definitively the best opportunity to discover the highlight of this magnificent coast at your own pace. If you don't own the corresponding boat license or have a lack of knowledge about the sailing area, the weather conditions or best restaurants in the area, sailing in Croatia with skipper, is your top choice.

With lots of internal tips, he will be your best guide during your Croatia sailing trip. You can discuss your desired itineraries with him at the embarkation, let him know your wishes. He will be more than happy to give you the best of the Croatian coast and safely navigate the boat for you.

Skipper fee ranges between 150€ and 220€ per day and mostly depends on the yacht's size/type. It is also mandatory to take care of skipper's meals during the week.

How much do I tip the skipper in Croatia?

That decision depends on the client's general satisfaction at the end of the cruise. The gratuities at crewed charters in Croatia are discretionary, but it's customary to acknowledge the crew effort. 

Usual tip for services aboard skippered yacht charters on the Mediterranean is 15-20% from the weekly skipper fee and 5% of the full amount for the luxury catamarans in Croatia. The gratuity should be paid in cash to your captain.

A TIP: Croatian skippers are all fluent in English, but if you wish multilingual crew, book ASAP, since they get booked very fast!

Sailing charter with skipper
yacht charter in Croatia with skipper


Fuel consumption on a 45-foot sailing yacht is approx. 4L (one gallon) per hour. On a 40-foot cat is double, motor yacht consumes app. 70L an hour.

Basically it is hard to estimate how much fuel someone will spend. Catamarans usually consume between 100 &150 liters while sailboats around 50 on average per week.

The final cost also depends on the wind conditions and your itineraries. If you sail more, you consume less, if you use the engine more, it is the opposite. Older yacht's engine will consume more than a brand new sailing boat.


The local tax in Croatia does not affect much on the final price and is 1.35€ per person per day.

Croatian coast has some of the most beautiful modern marinas, where you can find your berth for a quiet night. Mooring fee mostly depends on the level/quality of the port service and how popular a certain sailing destination is. If you go sailing from Split or Dubrovnik, expect higher marina prices (especially the islands Hvar or Korčula). Sailing in Zadar, north Dalmatia and along the Istrian coast is generally a bit cheaper.

Average marina fee for a 45-foot sailing yacht is 80€ per night and includes fresh water refill, shore power, toilet and bathroom facilities. When mooring on a buoy expect more privacy and lower fee. The average charge ranges between 30 and 60€ per day. Anchoring is free of charge. A mixture of all 3 options gives the best balance through the week for most groups. 

Private Croatia yacht charters


Provisioning, food and beverages on private yacht charters in Croatia are usually not included in charter price, that is why is recommended to purchase your supplies before embarkation. Your skipper or hostess can help you with that. Most of marinas in Croatia have markets where you can buy everything you need.

Cooking on board reduces the food expenses for the week. There is an oven and gas cooker installed on every sailing yacht. Better equipped Yachts have custom-installed outside barbecues.

Renting a private sailboat in Croatia assures flexible itineraries, so you can easilly plan frequent stops on the islands, where you can buy fresh bread, vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. Breakfast and a quick afternoon snack can be prepared aboard 

Your skipper can recommend best family-run island restaurants wher you can dine in a cosy atmostphere.

If you are dining outside, it is customary to invite your crew to join you crew at the table, but they won't mind eating separately, so please assure some pocket money for their meals. Exclusive Crewed yacht charters in Croatia usually have all the meals included.

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How much does a trip on a yacht in Croatia cost?

The estimated cost for a 7-day Croatia sailing holiday in high season on a newer 4-cabin sailboat, calculated for 6 persons, plus Skipper is approx. 5.000€ per week. Catamaran with similar sleeping capacity is about 50% more expensive.

  • Sailing Yacht 3.500€ per week
  • Skipper 1.050€ per week
  • Fuel 100€ per week
  • Local Taxes 1.35€ per person per day (70€)
  • Port and Marina Fees average 80€ per night, 3 nights (240€), 2X Buoy (100€), anchor free of charge (anchoring in secluded coves reduces the mooring expenses)
  • FOOD is not calculated and depends on your feeding habits.
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Sailing Yachts in Croatia

These are some of the most popular sailboat and catamaran charters in Croatia for rental. For the exact pricing, please select your favourite and send your inquiry. Our crew will be happy to prepare a unique sailing adventure between the idyllic islands of Croatia.

Oceanis 46.1

Discover Croatian coast in style and comfort and hire a premiere line sailing yacht. Available with 4 or 5 cabins.

family sailing vacations

Book this 3-cabin cruiser, ideal for a family sailing trip in Croatia Available in Pula, Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik.

Lagoon 42

Charter luxury catamaran in Split, Dubrovnik or Zadar for a relaxing sailing cruise between the islands of Croatia.