Just fill in the inquiry form below one of our tour packages that you want to book (activity sailing, skippered packages, culinary tour, family sailing holidays). Your yacht tour is guaranteed after you make a 50% of the deposit. The rest you pay one month before your embarkation.

If you plan to rent a sailing boat to explore on your own, feel free to check out our wide range of bareboat Croatia sailing charter and choose your favorite. Your booking is confirmed after receiving the 50% of the advanced payment. 


It all depends on the group size, how much space do you need and how high your budget is. Larger the group, bigger the yacht. You can check out some of our yachts in our bareboat charter Croatia offer that range from budget to luxury line. Make sure to specify your wishes, the exact number of people, preferable sailing period and the itinerary requirements at our inquiry form. Only this way, we can tailor the tour to suit your needs. And only this way, we can make your Croatia sailing holidays a memorable and unique experience.


You can imagine a sailing yacht as a large mobile home. Yachts come in all sizes and models from 2 to 6 or even 7 cabins. From 30 - 70 foot a yacht can accomodate up to 12 guests. It all depends on your budget and needs. Cataman or a sailing yacht? Catamaran is much wider and spacier, but it also consequently bring larger cost for the marina fees and final rental price. Sailing yacht is always better choice  for the first-time sailors and will give you all the space and privacy you need on your vacation.

Below check the outdoor, indoor and layout of the 4 - cabin yacht that can accomodate up to 8 persons:





The climate along the Adriatic coast in summer is quite dry and hot. With plenty of sun, Croatia is one of the sunniest European destinations. If your sailing trip is in summer, just bring bathing suite, extra swimming towels, and your personal wardrobe(not too much). In case of rain you need to bring some warm clothes, maybe a light sweater, water resistant wind jacket and a pair of sneakers with rubber sole. It is highly recommended to bring your soft hand bag or rucksack instead of a plastic suitcase to gain more space in your cabin.

Don't forget:

  •   sun lotion
  •   sunglasses for UV protection
  •   a hat for the sun protection
  •   your passport or personal ID
  •   extra swimming towels
  •   your personal items (prescription pills, medicine for allergy...)
  •   positive vibes (leave your worries at home)


It all depends upon where your chosen destination is. We will inform you at least 3 weeks before the departure where the yacht is moored and specific embarkation details, so that you can make your travel arrangements. Don't worry you won't get lost. If you are coming by plane, there is always enough transfers and taxis to take you to the marina on time. If you travel by car, you can always find free space in marina. Check in is on Saturday from 15:00, check out at the same spot the next Saturday before 08:30, so that our staff will have some time to clean and prepare the boat for the next departure. We usually moor at our base marina on Friday night, so that you can have more time to pack.


There are many inclusions in your private tour, that you pay before the departure, so that you don't encounter any hidden fees on your trip. It all also depends on what your itinerey preferences are.


  •   a friendly and responsible skipper
  •   fuel for the boat
  •   end cleaning, handling fee and charter base costs
  •   bed linen, cooking gas
  •   towels (only for bathroom use)
  •   local tourist tax
  •   Wi-Fi connection
  •   outboard engine and dinghy
  •   1 x dinner in a local restaurant


  • park entrances (from 30 -100€/boat for 24 hours)
  • port and mooring fees (from 50-120€ for a 45 foot yacht)
  • taxis and transfers (water taxi 10 -15€/person)


Local port fees start at 50€/night for a 45 foot boat (8 persons) and it can go up to 130€. It depends on the boat length and the quality of marina /port service. Price usually includes fresh water refill, shore power, toilet and bathroom facilities. Buoy charge ranges from 30-40€. Anchoring is free of charge. In our experience, a mixture of above options gives the best balance through the week for most groups.


Since the itinerary wishes vary from one guest to another is difficult to speculate port and marina costs. That is why the mooring fees are usually excluded from our package price. The same thing is with the national parks and transfers. You can decide on spot what itinerary suits you best and what to visit or not.


How much do you want to spend depends upon your budget and your itinerary dynamics. We have may inclusions in our private tour packages, so you basically need the money for food, drinks, transfers and mooring fees. 
Even though Croatia is a member of the EU, the official currency is still Kuna. But you can (almost) everywhere pay in Euros. Usually in the restaurants, marinas,...but not in grocery shops, super markets and 24/7s. However, credit cards are always accepeted.  ATMs are available in every marina and town port in Croatia. Current exchange rate: 1€ = 1.2$ = 7.5 Kuna.


We usually say that a yacht is an »apartment on water« with a far better view. Each sailing boat has spacious cabins for 2 persons, with double / bunk beds (160x200). Even the largest yacht has the capacity of maximum 12 persons. There is also plenty of space in the salon, but we don't recommend to sleep there, especially if you want to have more space and privacy. One cabin or salon bed belongs to your skipper. We tend to accommodate our guests aboard accordingly to their wishes. Don't bring your bed linen, pillows and blankets, because they are already included


Food and beverages are not included. You can make your supplies and buy the provisions at the embarkation. Every marina in Croatia has shops and supermarkets, where you can buy as much as you need for one week. There will be plenty of stops within your sailing tour. You can always buy fresh bread from the market, fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and fish.
A double gas cooker with oven is installed aboard every yacht. Breakfast and a quick afternoon snack can be prepared aboard. You will have lots of options to dine in local restaurants. 1 dinner in a small-run restaurant is included in your package. It is customary to pay for your skippers food, meals and drinks.


It is highly recommended to arrange the travel insurance policy in your country. Every person is sailing at their own risk. Your skipper will give you some basic safety instructions at the embarkation. And if you follow them, everything will be fine. Generally, how to move aboard, what to be careful of while sailing,... Most of the guidelines are for your own safety! Please bear in mind that a vessel is a moving object affected by the waves, current and winds. ACTIVE SAILING charter agency does not carry any further responsibilities for injuries or accidents of the clients during the sailing period, prior and after the embarkation.


Deposit is the insurance(assurance), that you will return the yacht back in its previous condition. The crew is responsible for damage caused by their neglegance.The deposit is charged at the embarkation and it is refundable, if the boat is returned undamaged. The deposit ammount is set by the charter policy (depends on the boat length, age and insurance rate) payable by VISA, AMEX, EUROCARD, DINERS or cash). You can insure the deposit with non-refundable fee. Our private yacht tour packages, already have deposit insurance, except the owner's yachts that require a refundable ammount of 50€/person for any damages caused by the vandalism etc...

Due to the general charter conditions in Croatia, the advanced payment of 50% is nonrefundable. If you rent a bareboat yacht charter in Croatia, you need a valid skipper's license that is issued by the state authority of the country that you are coming from. For sailing in the Croatian territorial waters, you also need a VHF radio license. Check out what kind of a license you need when renting a yacht and  click here