Where is the best place to sail in Croatia?

  • Unije & Mali Lošinj - the hidden gems of Northern Adriatic
  • Silba - Dalmatian "island of love"
  • Kornati - picturesque national park of seclusion and serenity
  • Kaprije - a relaxing maritime vibe of this village is legendary
  • Mljet - Southernmost Croatian national park
  • Vis - enchanting little island in the middle of Adriatic that hooks you in a second
  • HvarSailing Croatia just wouldn't be the same without "the celebrity" of all Croatian islands
  • Lastovo - "island of happiness" where you can enjoy in tranquility surrounded by lush green hilltops and clear waters.
Where to Sail in Croatia

UNIJE - Forgotten North Adriatic Gem

Sailing from Pula is among less known Croatia sailing itineraries and without a doubt one of the most rewarding naval routes of Adriatic. Unije island should make it to your wish list when you are sailing in Croatia following the northern itinerary.

 This lonely little island is the first land you'll reach when renting a yacht in Pula and crossing the waters of Kvarner gulf. Approaching to Unije you will first spot magnificent cliffs in the northern part followed by impressive picturesque village.

This place is a true heaven for sailors searching for seclusion and a unique natural atmosphere. White stone houses and blue window shutters of this tiny community really makes an impressive site. Tiny village of less then 100 mostly fishermen and farmers is nowadays investing into ecological farming and trying to keep up with the pace of outside world.

Anchoring is possible on the eastern part of isle in a well-protected cove Maracol or dock your boat behind a renewed town pier where you can find a safe berth on one of the lazy lines. If weather conditions allow, anchorage in front of town port is your best spot to overnight. Simply relax in quiet setting surrounded by emerald seas and witness to a spectacular sunset.

If you wish to moor closer to civilisation only 5 miles to the south lies Mali Lošinj island. Same-named town is a great place to stock the boat's lockers.. Rent a bike, explore its hiking trails or simply join the buzzing promenades of this vibrant port.

Charter sailboat in Pula and reach UNIJE within 3 hours

SILBA  - Romantic Getaway

About 30 miles from north Dalmatian capital Zadar lies "Croatian island of love" Silba is the perfect spot for a genuine and peaceful sailing vacation. Although it is usually not included in popular sailing routes and Croatia sailing itineraries, this enchanting little community with 300 permanent residents really is a unique getaway.

"The Gates of Dalmatia" it is called, for it lays on the border between northern and central Adriatic. The island is surrounded with exotic sandy beaches, where you can drop your anchor and swim in clear turquoise water.

You can drop anchor in pristine coves Prapranica or St. Ante and follow marked hiking trails through aromatic pine forest leading to town. All motorised traffic has been banned, except for few agricultural vehicles, so the whole area is a pedestrian zone.

Climb up to one of the most impressive monuments on Silba island - octagonal lookout tower with a spiral staircase is a sad reminder on unfulfilled love. It was built as a memorial by the island captain in the 19th. Century as a wow to his fiance before he left at sea.

Hire skippered or a bareboat charter in Croatia and experience this remote island at a slow pace and really feel its true pulse. Silba is easily reached if you charter yacht in Zadar or marinas Sukošan and Biograd.

Time to sail from Zadar is around 4 hours


Whether you rent a sailboat in Split or Zadar city you will easily reach this remarkable island chain following sailing itinerary of northern Dalmatia. Kornati islands are without a doubt one of the most impressive marine national parks in Croatia. Stretching for approximate 15 miles consisting 140 isles and rocks it is the densest uninhabited island group in the whole Mediterranean. Setting sail through the park demands some sailing skills. Only experienced sailors can bareboat and sail here on their own. Kornati sailing experience is more relaxing if you charter a yacht with skipper or join one of the flotillas in July and August as a day skipper.

As soon as you enter the park, you will get an impression like being on another planet. Typical yellow-coloured cone tops in combination with turquoise waters make a spectacular backdrop and unforgettable contrast.

This is the perfect place if you wish to explore Dalmatian cuisine. You can safely dock your boat on a pontoon in front of some world class restaurants and taste fresh seafood delicacies in a laid back island atmosphere.

In the morning ascend to one of these rocky hilltops easily reached by marked hiking trails. A million-dollar panoramic view over the chain of islands, reefs and infinite blue seas is truly spectacular.

Underwater flora and fauna offers exclusive spots for diving and snorkelling inclined, where they can enjoy surrounded with crystal-clear waters and endemic species. Piskera marina is the perfect place to overnight if you prefer a little extra comfort and also ensures a 24-hour entrance ticket. Krka national park is another great place that you should discover during your yacht week.

You can easily reach Kornati park within 2-3 hours if you rent sailboat in Zadar Murter or Biograd

KAPRIJE - Dalmatia At Its Best

Small island Kapije is probably the most popular sailing destination for local skippers and best kept secret of all yacht charter routes in Croatia. Island community of 150 residents is a part of Šibenik municipal and their only connection to civilization is a ferry delivering basic supplies. 

You'll be moored on one of the 20 lazy lines behind breakwater pier in the heart of this buzzing town. In summer months is recommended you get there early in the afternoon, because this port gets filled with sailboats very fast.

For naval guests Kaprije is the ultimate retreat from crowded mainland streets and a great opportunity for a genuine Croatia yacht vacation. Unique locals with their easy-going lifestyle, leisurely pulse and maritime atmosphere contribute large part to this village's charm and authenticity. 

Settle in for sunset drinks in local beach bars and try traditionally grilled bream at the tavern KATA only 10 meters from where you moored. The grilled bream or squid is fantastic. Or take a tour to the southern side of the island to the beautiful cove Nozdra and visit fisherman's house "G8" and traditional island dish "Octopus under the bell."

Charter boats in Zadar or Šibenik town and reach Kaprije within 2 - 3 hours.

MLJET - Secluded Paradise

There are only 3 large south Adriatic islands and 2 of them are marine national parks. Mljet is considered to be among the most beautiful islands in Croatia lying at the doorstep of world-known UNESCO world heritage site Dubrovnik. 

For its exceptional beauty, accented landscape values, dense lush-green forests, fertile fields, underwater caves, turquoise waters and numerous rare species, this is the place to escape from the buzzing streets and mass tourism. And the best way to do it, is to hire a private sailing yacht in Dubrovnik.

Once you docked in Pomena bay or Polače, there are countless opportunities to spend your day within the Mljet park. Take a swim in warm waters of dream-like salty lakes, visit the cave of Ulysses or simply relax and enjoy in a gentle swing of your boat. Mljet is also something of a gourmet's paradise so try some of the best locally produced wines or taste the famous goat cheese in one of the family-run island restaurants.

Make your stay on this impressive island count and rent a bike or a quad in Pomena bay to explore its impressive densely wooded inland. Best option to sail around Mljet is to rent catamaran in Croatia from Dubrovnik ACI marina.

Start your Croatia sailing holidays in Dubrovnik and reach Mljet lakes within 3 hours.

VIS - Croatian Island Of Legends

Well, this is the one you don't want to miss out on your sailing trip in Croatia. The whole Vis archipelago was a forbidden area due to its military purpose and spared the blushes of mass tourism until recently. Strategically set in the middle of Adriatic sea Vis was all through its war history a natural impregnable fortress claimed by largest empires.

With only 2 towns (Vis and smaller Komiza) and no industry miles around the near island Biševo is the place to go snorkelling and exploring the underwater habitat. Spend the night in Komiža port to feel the slow-paced pulse of oldest fishing village in Croatia. Spend an evening exploring the local delicacies - ideally in a cosy family-run restaurant "Bako" only 2 feet from the sea.

Spend your morning and drink your coffee in a local bar "Speed" in the company of charismatic fishermen bringing their catch in traditionally built wooden vessels. Stay on Vis a day extra and rent a quad or a scooter to explore the inland of this magical island or take guided 1-hour tour to the world-known "Blue Cave" on Biševo island.

Booking a bareboat charter in Croatia at popular yachting resorts and UNESCO world heritige sites Trogir and Split assures you a unique opportunity to discover Vis at your own pace. 

Sailing from Split harbour will take about 6 hours.

HVAR - Lighthouse Of Dalmatia

Hvar is definitively the celebrity among the Croatian islands. Most popular Croatia's island with same-named  jet set town will embrace you with its fun-loving, bohemian nightlife, criscrossed streets, buzing seaport promenades, breathtaking medieval architecture and luxurious restaurants.

Even if you are searching for more quiet you should definitively make a 1-night stop in this sun-soaked Croatian "Monte Carlo". 

It is hard to get a free spot to moor in the town port, so better opt for densely-forested Pakleni Islands, where you can take a fast shuttle to Hvar. You will soon find yourself in the heart of the town's promenade and simply blend in to feel its original pulse. 

If you're looking for more laid-back atmosphere, simply let the fragrant lavender filled winds take you to the eastern part of the island and with historic Stari Grad town. The collision of old Roman and Greek civilization left a deep impact everywhere. Take a walk through a maze of narrow streets and renaissance monuments or enjoy your favourite drink in one of the stylish beach bars.

Another great place to explore is a charming Jelsa village known of its remarkable wine cellars where you can taste best wines of this region form unique "Plavac" grapes.

Hvar is only 3-hour sailing from second largest Croatian city Split. Rent one of the bareboat charters in Croatia in modern marina Kaštela or Trogir to discover this remarkable island. 

LASTOVO - Island Of Happiness

Just a 2 hour sail from the buzzing streets of Korčula town lies Lastovo, one of the most remote Croatia's islands. This national park is considered as one of the largest marine protected areas in Croatia containing 44 islands, islets and reefs. Crystal clear waters swarming with fish, remarkable biodiversity, dense pine forests, secluded villages and iconic fisherman's taverns make this hidden gem a great place for your ultimate yachting escape.

The whole Lastovo resort is claimed as the one of the last 10 Mediterranean heavenly oasis, which preserved an untouched beauty. With a long-lasting tradition of welcoming sailors, here you can always find protected anchorages where you can enjoy surrounded with tranquillity of "Jurjeva Luka" cove or well-sheltered marina "Pasadur".

Swim and snorkel in turquoise waters of exotic Lastovnjaci isles and later moor up in a romantic Zaklopatica bay. Family-run restaurant "Aragosta" is the perfect choice where you can taste some of the best island dishes including grilled Scorpio fish, Dentex or a Bream. Freshly caught lobster or scampi in a stew is a must-try.

Best way to reach this secluded island is to charter boats in Split or hire one of the sailing charters in Dubrovnik. Either way you got around 8 hours of sailing. You better make some stops on above mentioned Hvar, Brač or Mljet and discover Lastovo in a relaxing Mediterranean style.

Plan Your Croatia Sailing Holidays

Best advice from experienced skippers is "Don't Rush" and visit Croatian islands at a relaxing pace. You can't explore all the best places within a week, but they might inspire you to visit some of them next sailing season. Most islands are easily reached if you charter yachts from Croatian marinas in Split, Pula, Zadar or Dubrovnik. Find some useful tips in below blogs on Croatia sailing trips, so that you can start planing your yacht week and decide which places and when to visit. A private yacht charter in Croatia is a blend of complete freedom combined with unsurpassed indulgence and enjoyment, like your holiday escape should be.

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