Why is Croatia best family sailing holiday destination in Europe?

  • delightful weather with lots of sun and warm sea temperatures for swimming
  • small distances between islands ensure extra time for daily stops
  • densely scattered islands allow easy island hopping
  • unspoiled nature and safe sailing grounds are prefect for a family sailing vacation
  • plenty of opportunities for families to explore the coast and inland
  • crystal-clear Adriatic sea is great for various water activities like snorkeling
  • discovering new hidden beaches will make this cruise even more interesting
  • Croatia still is among most affordable yacht vacation destinations in Europe
family friendly sailing holidays Zadar


Family Sailing Holidays in Zadar

Historic Zadar city with nearby islands is one of the most popular family sailing destinations in Croatia. Small distances between countless lush-green islands, iconic fishing villages, impressive marine national parks, well-protected ports, laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere and thousands alluring coves, make this diverse area a ideal location for a relaxing family sailing trip

Northern Dalmatia provides infinite opportunities for yacht rentals and sailing from Zadar county is your best chance to visit 2 of the the most iconic national parks of Croatia Krka and Kornati.

You can start your cruising odyssey by renting a comfortable sailing yacht in Zadar or largest Dalmatian marinas Sukošan and Biograd located 15 minutes from Zadar international airport.

Do I rent a sailboat or a catamaran?

For families with small children is highly recommended to rent sailing yacht with some extra on board space. A 7-day sailing holiday experience should be comfortable for everybody that is why chartering a sailboat with a swimming platform is a good idea. If you are not on a budget booking a catamaran holiday in Croatia is definitively best choice when you travel with kids. However, renting a 45-foot sailing yacht is considered best yacht holiday value for small families.

If you are looking for a affordable sailing charter and exciting sailing vacation, then hire a sailboat. Overall experience will be more fun, genuine and interesting but you can always hire a catamaran if you desire more on board comfort and exclusivity during your journey.

For larger families at least +45 ft. sailboat with twin rudders and a bathing plank is recommended but chartering a catamaran secures more on-board stability and space for kids to move safer and easier. Find some tips in the blog on catamaran vs sailboat charters.

Hire yacht charter in Croatia with skipper

Make your charter vacations in Croatia a laid-back adventure and book a yacht with local skipper. He will take care of the safety on board and give his best to make your precious holiday moments as relaxing as possible. He will be more then happy to recommend best sailing itinerary considering your route preferences. Contact your skipper 2-3 weeks in advance to advice you in planing a care-free family sailing vacation.

Sailboat with swimming platform is a good choice
Catamaran offers more space to move and play
Sailing yacht charter Croatia

5 best family sailing vacation tips

  • plan your trip beforehand and contact a reliable yacht charter agency
  • hire catamaran or at least 38 ft. sailboat for more space and comfort aboard
  • Best time to sail Croatia with kids is in summer between June and September
  • take lots of water toys, snorkelling gear, SUP and inflatable belts for smaller kids
  • make lot of stops during you sailing days for swimming and water activities
Don't forget some water toys

Yacht Charter With Skipper

Renting a private sailing boat with skipper in Croatia allows you to first-hand reveal the true secrets of Adriatic. With flexible route itineraries this is the ultimate yacht charter vacation from where you can explore this remarkable coast at your own pace. Your skipper will be in charge with safely navigating your yacht to wonderful sailing locations so that everybody will feel cozy and relaxed. You can adjust your itinerary together with your skipper before and during your trip. He will get a feel for the adventure you are after and do his best to prepare a safe and fun cruise.

Professional local skippers are fluent in several languages and a treasury of sailing knowledge. Since Adriatic coast is their home, they are familiar with sailing grounds so feel free to ask them anything. They are fully aware of weather conditions and can advice you on best bays to swim and beautiful sites to visit. Take a stroll along town promenades and try best ice cream in the area or enjoy your favourite food & wine in finest restaurants your skipper will be happy to recommend.

Family sailing vacation

Zadar Yacht Rentals

Find most popular sailing yachts and catamaran charters in Zadar region recommended for a 7-day family cruise. These comfortable and modern sailing boats are equipped specially for yacht charter purposes so that you can expect a unforgettable cruising experience.

family yacht vacation

Sailing yachts with 3 cabins

Ideal boat for smaller families

Zadar sailing charter

Sailboat with 4 cabins

Class-line 4-cabin yacht

Lagoon 40

Catamaran with 4 cabins

Standard Cruising catamaran

crewed catamarans in Split Croatia Astrea 42

6-cabin catamarans

Luxury 6-cabin catamaran