Sailing in Croatia is your safest vacation choice for this summer

Where is the safest place to travel right now?

There are no longer any countries in Europe without the coronavirus infection and some nations are practically on lockdown due to the number of ill and the rate of infection. Although, there are less affected destinations, and Croatia is one of them. Since this is a seaside country engulfed with clear and warm Adriatic sea (the air has 100 times less germs than a city ), consider isolated uninhabited Croatian islands your safest 2020 holiday destination. 

A private yacht trip in Croatia is at the moment your best vacation option

If you plan to visit this stunning country for your vacation in the following summer your best choice is to book a private sailing trip with Croatian skipper. At the moment, this is the safest and the most unique way to spend your 2020 holiday. Our advice is to take your sailing tour within a family circle, as a couple, or with a small group of people you know. A sailing yacht provides the complete freedom and isolation in the perfect environment - THE SEA. Best time to sail Croatia is in the summer months, so you still have some time to decide.

Whay is a Sailing yacht the perfect isolation against the COVID 19?

A Sailboat or a Catamaran is the perfect environment to isolate yourself and your close ones. It provides the maximum independence from civilisation. All the provisions you need for your trip, can be provided at the embarkation for your week long tour. You can eat, sleep and live aboard without abandoning you life habits. All the boats are fully equipped for a relaxed 7-day tour. They are also  being thoroughly cleaned and disinfect to prevent the potential infection.

Protect yourself and stay in the Open Space, the Sun and at Sea.

Considering all the facts it seems that taking a relaxed private Croatia sailing trip is the safest and the most reliable vacation at the moment. What can be better then a gentle cruise through the azure blue Adriatic on your own private yacht charter?

Feel free to visit the most beautiful and isolated Dalmatian islands, remote villages and secluded coves. Staying at the open air and under warm Mediterranean sun, might reduce the risk of potential infection. Enjoy the beautieas of Croatian coast safely and enquire for your 2020 sailing holiday.

A sailing yacht is the perfect self isolation
Uninhabited Croatian islands - Best holiday destination 2020

4 factors that can prevent from getting infected

Constantly monitoring the situation regarding the new COVID 19 

As a traveling agency, Active Sailing staff is closely monitoring the impact of the new Coronavirus (COVID 19) has on our clients, travelers and the traveling industry. Active Sailing is following all the rules and guides made by all relevant national institutions with respect to the Coronavirus affair. These rules are made in accordance with the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health and the National Civil Protection Headquarters.

Our agency will feature alerts, current situation or restrictions in Croatia that might affect traveling decisions of our guests. This is why we would like to share some resources and facts about the new, fast-spreading coronavirus that also affected Yacht Charter Business.

5 facts why sailing is perfect protection from COVID 19

  • Complete isolation. There is no better place to be, then on a sailboat. Being detached from the rest of the world prevents the virus from spreading
  • Sailing with your close ones. You can stay aboard with the people you are certain to be healthy, with having almost no contact with other people.
  • Fresh Air is a Disinfectant. Researches show, that fresh air is germicidal and can kill the flu virus and other harmful germs
  • Sunlight kills bacteria. The sun inactivates the influenza virus and kills bacteria that cause lung and other infections. Exposing to the sun can synthesize vitamin D in your skin if sunlight is strong enough. High level of vitamin D prevents the respiratory infections and may reduce the susceptibility to influenza
  • Open Air Factor. Stay at the sea as long as possible. Open Air is far more harmful to airborne bacteria and the influenza virus, than indoor air. The endless sea and the uninhabited Croatian islands are the perfect environment to restrain the COVID 19.

We believe and hope, that the higher temperatures in the upcoming months will slow down the Corona virus from spreading and fully contain the pandemic. All you need to have now is a little patience and faith.

Let us reassure you, that this nightmare will be over before summer starts. Especially if you will act rationally and follow the rules and guides made by your ministry of health and the line of devoted experts, trying their best to restrain and overcome the COVID 19 disease.

The fresh air is a natural disinfectant
Sunlight kills bacteria and synthesise vitamin D into your skin

Cancellation Policy

As a yacht charter company, we always put the safety of our guests as our top priory. On board or on land. Our agency will do all in our powers to provide the maximum safety and satisfaction to our clients, who travel to Croatia for their 2020 sailing vacation and feel insecure due to the new Coronavirus outbreak. 

Due to the current corona virus situation, we would like to inform you that we will do everything in our power to protect your holidays. This is why we issued a special cancellation policy valid for bookings confirmed from 15.03.2020 and 30.04.2020.

Updated Cancellation policy for Croatia Yacht Charters:

Given the current situation with the Coronavirus COVID-19, in case of cancellation (because of border closure, quarantine, flight cancellation, etc.) we offer a voucher valid one year with the possibility to change the booking date in season 2020/21.

The voucher will allow the client to use the down payment (the already paid amount will not be returned) for booking another period at a later date subject to availability. The first payment is 10% (instead of previous 50%), the rest is 1 month before the departure.

Our charter staff is taking all the safety measures to provide maximum protection for our guests:

  • Thoroughy disinfecting the offices and marina facilities regularly 
  • Disinfecting our yachts to minimize the potential risk of virus transmission
Keeping our yachts clean and tidy is most important
The yachts should be clean and disinfected

Feel welcome to discover Croatian beauties on one of the yachts below. Please send us your inquiry


Stay safe and healthy.

Janez Rupnik, Active Sailing