Learn To Sail Holidays Croatia

Feel the air of a soothing Mediterranean climate on a unique activity yachting holidays in Croatia. Sail the routes of ancient mariners, follow secret paths of magnificent Kvarner islands and experience Croatian coast at its best. Let the pure ocean air fill your lungs with aromatic scent of dense pine forests and rich vegetation of the north Croatian coast. If you like outdoor activity surrounded by unspoiled nature, if you appreciate cultural heritage and tasting fresh local delicacies, then Activity sailing week is the adventure you can't miss out. You will have the opportunity to uncover the hidden treasures of Adriatic by following best kept secret among all Croatia sailing itineraries - The ultimate "north Adriatic routes".

Activity sailing Croatia

With our knowledgeable skippers you will have the chance to actively participate in sailing activity and learn some basic practical sailing skills. Istrian region is the perfect place to start your odyssey.

learn to sail in Croatia

Become a member of our sailing family and join this unique adventure with your close ones. Activity sailing is ideal itinerary for families with children or couples.

Croatia culinary sailing

North Croatian coast is blessed with fruitful lands, and clear waters swarming with fish and dolphins. These islands are hiding some world-class restaurants and skipper knows where to find best ones.


Chartering a sailing yacht in Croatia

Before you fall in love with the blues and the greens of Adriatic, selecting a comfortable sailing yacht to suit your travelling style and budget is essential. Find best sailboats you can charter with our skipper from premium North Croatian marinas and nautical resorts.

Private sailing in Croatia

3-cabin sailing boat

Sailing North Adriatic Coast

5-cabin sailing yacht

Sailboat charter Pula Croatia

4-cabin sailboat


Discovering Northern Adriatic

Starting your sailing trip in Pula city is best place to start your adventure. Choose your place in the sun and sail through the azure waters of divine Kvarner and Dalmatian Islands. Ride your bike through the aroma filled forests of island Lošinj and witness million dollar views from lush-green hilltops. Ascend to the sky-high cliffs on largest Croatian island Cres, snorkel or swim in sky-blue seas of island Unije and dive from the cliffs of wildlife park Kamenjak. Selected Pula sailing itinerary will uncover one of the richest and well preserved European natural habitats.

Activity Sailing Experience

Beautiful islands with unspoiled pebbled beaches, remarkable biodiversity, scenic ascends and descents, secluded coves, historic Venetian villages crisscrossed with stoned streets are an excellent reason to join us in this authentic sailing odyssey. Activity sailing vacation in Croatia is your best chance to combine leisure with pleasure and stay active at the same time. Sail the blue waters of sparkling Adriatic on your very own private yacht charter, stop for a swim and sail on...

Later in the evening join the lively promenades or explore colurful island ports and harbors. In the morning feel free to ride the unique bike trails that will reward you with spectacular views and a remarkable atmosphere of fragrant landscapes.

Sailing Experince With Local Skipper

Skippered sailing holiday adventure is without a doubt the ultimate Croatia yacht charter experience, allowing you to explore the islands as a local. Not only that the skipper will navigate the boat for you, but he will be happy to provide internal itinerary tips and show you the basics of sailing and navigation. Here are the reasons why:

activity holidays Croatia sailing
Best Internal Tips

Take the advantage of first-hand advice from your skipper and together discover unique sailing spots, hidden places and best restaurants where you can taste fresh, local delicacies. 

Explore local delicacies
Crewed sailboat charters Croatia
Safe Sailing Experience

On board safety is the most important for us. Your skipper is there to ensure a safe, exciting an adventurous vacations for everyone on board. 

Safest Sailing grounds In Europe
Crewed yacht charter in Croatia
Learn To Sail

Take the advantage of his knowledge and ask your skipper to show you basic sailing skills. Not only that an extra deck hand is welcome, but you will also gain some practical knowledge. 

Affordable yacht charters

Activities During Your Sailing Week

Croatia yacht charter itinerary is entirely flexible and can be adjusted and adequately balanced for various activities during your sailing week. Croatian northern islands are less visited and not as crowded and southern destinations Split or Dubrovnik. Which is a great opportunity for exploring or water sports like snorkelling, swimming or diving.

Daily dynamics is adjustable to your needs so you can select the activity that you prefer and freely decide to increase or increase the level - it is entirely up to you.

Within the summer months, when the daily temperatures are highest is recommended to rather stick to the water activities and balance your energy. It has no sense in overdoing with the activities and enjoy your precious yacht vacation moments.

You will have plenty of time for sightseeing, stroll around stone-walled towns, exploring lively summer ports, visit most beautiful pebbled beaches, so you should spare some energy for evenings. Tasting world-famous food delicacies of Istria in top locally-run fisherman's taverns is one of the highlights not to be missed out...

Activity sailing holiday
Croatia Activity sailing holiday

Affordable Yacht Charters in Croatia

Please find some sailing yachts available for rental along the Adriatic coast which we recommend for learn to sail holiday experience in Croatia. 

sailing charter Pula

Economy 4 cabin sailing yacht

Sailing North Adriatic Coast

50 foot sailboat 

Sailing charter Split Croatia

Sailing boat with 3 cabins


Comfortable 45 footer


Find extra information in FAQ section below


You can rent a small sailing boat in lower season for about 1.500 euros weekly. To that you add the cost for Croatian skipper/instructor 200€ per day, fuel for the boat about 50€ and port fees during your charter week. Food and beverages are excluded from the above prices.


Pleasant dry climate, low winds, crystal clear seas and densely scattered islands providing safe and interesting sailing grounds make Croatian coast one of the safest Mediterranean locations for learn sailing vacations. And the best way to discover idyllic islands and historic villages is renting a sailboat with Croatian skipper so that you can experience this remarkable country at your own pace in a unique maritime atmosphere.


Charter prices are almost the same, so it basically it is all up to your holiday expectation and the level of your sailing knowledge. In Greece the sailing distances between the islands are larger and winds slightly stronger with more challenging sailing conditions. Croatia is suitable for family sailing vacations, beginners, day sailors and groups that don't want to cover too much cruising distance per day so that they have extra holiday time to explore and make more stops during the day for swimming and snorkelling.


If you are on a budget your best option is to rent sailing yacht in Croatia within the shoulder season June or September. The prices on certain islands are higher then others that is why hiring a Croatian skipper to guide you through your sailing week is recommended. He will also advice you on where to find cheaper ports and moderate priced restaurants where you can eat fresh and tasty local delicacies.


For sailing independently within Croatian territorial waters at least one of the crew on board must poses a valid international nautical certificate of competence (ICC) and a VHF radio station certificate. Check in this article if your licenses are adequate to charter a bareboat yacht in Croatia.


Yacht charter season in Croatia runs from Easter until end of October. That is when the weather at the Croatian coast is pleasant and sunny with low winds assuring safe sailing conditions and easy islandf hopping.  Find below what month suits you better for yachting holidays in Croatia

  • April - this is the month for enthusiastic sailors and regattas. If your group wishes to learn how to sail, Easter period is your best chance
  • May - spring temperatures on Croatian islands are near perfect for various activities. Combine island hopping with trekking or cycling into an exciting activity holiday
  • June - fuses the best of a sailing experience in Croatia; warm weather, blooming fragrant landscapes, less marine traffic and affordable sailing vacation prices
  • July - best time for a family sailing vacation. Children will love to swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea during the heat of summer
  • August - the hottest and driest month is best time for a relaxing care-free sailing holiday at the Adriatic
  • September - is the time for a sailing adventure "Croatian style" with moderate winds and less crowds at sea late Spetember is best period  for experienced sailors
  • October - explore Hvar, Vis, Kornati national park and coastal cities Split or Dubrovnik. Enjoy in a quet autumn atmosphere at the Adriatic.


Tipping a skipper in Croatia is not mandatory but appreciated and mostly depends on the client's general satisfaction at the end of the yacht charter. The sum should be between 15 and 20% from the skipper's weekly fee.


The best spots for activity sailing experince is north Croatian coast. Please follow our recommended Pula Sailing itinerary

  1. DAY - (Saturday) Pula to Kamenjak wildlife park anchoring
  2. DAY - (Sunday) Crossing the Kvarner gulf to Mali Lošinj village
  3. DAY - (Monday) Mali Lošinj to Silba island anchoring
  4. DAY - (Tuseday) Silba island to Ilovik with stoping on Olib
  5. DAY - (Wednesday) Ilovik to Cres, punta križa anchoring
  6. DAY - (Thursday) Cres to Unije island
  7. DAY - (Friday) Unije to Pula
  8. DAY - (Saturday) Pula Disembarkation

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