Choosing Between Skippered & Bareboat Yacht Charters

Basically, there are three types of yacht charters that you can hire almost anywhere in the world Bareboat, fully crewed and with skipper on board. Find out the main differences in the following article and get inspired into one that should suit your travelling style and budget.


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Bareboat Yacht Charter

Is when you are running you own vessel with no captain or a crew. You take the full responsibility of the yacht's navigation, route itinerary, planning and provisioning. You receive the privilege to fully enjoy the ultimate freedom and on board independence. To charter a bareboat yacht you also need a adequate boat license. ICC certificate and a VHF readio station license are required.


  • private boat charter assures you full on board privacy 
  • no additional fees for skipper or a crew
  • to challenge your own, helps you build extra self-confidence 
  • gain extra sailing experience and upgrade your knowledge
Bareboat charter Croatia

Skippered Yacht Charter

If navigating between the hundreds of islands, reefs and shoals is too challenging or you don't own a valid boat license a skippered charter experience is recommended. This option is completely flexible regarding your itineraries, relaxing and still affordable. It is highly important that you first choose a reliable yacht charter. They will find a suitable yacht and provide a professional skipper for your holiday cruise. No one knows the situation at sea and the customs of the places you are visiting better than a local skipper. 


  • skipper takes care of all commodities and safety on board 
  • itineraries are fully flexible and adjustable with skipper
  • your sailing license in not required
  • don't need to worry about the weather or maritime conditions
  • receive first-hand tips about the places you are about to visit
  • skippered holiday is probably the most authentic option
Skippered catamaran charter

Crewed Yacht Charter

When you are searching for an indulgent all inclusive cruising holiday a luxury Croatia sailboat rental is a ideal selection. Fully catered exquisite services aboardluxurious catamarans and sailing yachts are usually included in crewed charters. This option truly is most expensive but you may expect an exclusive holiday experience in the presence of a professional yacht staff. Carefully selected crew of minimum 3 - the captain, the stewardess and chef, are there to provide unforgettable holiday moments with standard of personalised onboard service beyond any compare.


  • Exclusive full board services ensures you full-time relaxation
  • No extra cost for provisioning (all is included in the package)
  • Extra time to explore, swim or simply chill
  • Unrivalled sense of privacy and intimacy is assured
Croatia Crewed Charters

What type of a charter do I choose?

Basically, you have 3 factors to consider here: the level of your sailing experience, travelling style and overall budget. Croatia definitively provides best opportunities for any type of private boat renting; bareboat, crewed or skippered. With affordable yacht charter prices and knowledgeable local skippers, Croatian islands are a great place for a genuine cruising adventure.


Before you start planning your sailing adventure first consider the budget and how much you are prepared to spend for your yacht charter week. 

How much for sailing holidays in Croatia

Even if someone in your group owns a sailing license that doesn't mean that he is familiar with the sailing grounds and weather conditions of the place.

The ultimate sailing in Croatia guide

If the privacy on board is at highest importance and you don't have enough sailing knowledge, you can always rent a  catamaran for some extra comfort.

Private Croatia catamaran charters

Pros and cons of bareboat & skippered yacht charters

+ more sailing independence - requires sailing certificate + extra free time to explore - less privacy aboard the yacht
+ full on board privacy - not knowing the sailing area + get internal tips from your skipper - you always need 1cabin more
+ create your own sailing itinerary - worry about weather conditions + renew your sailing knowledge - extra cost for skipper
+ most favourable option - more concern on route planing + more relaxing charter experience  

10 reasons why Croatia is best for a sailing holiday

  • perfect sailing conditions and sunny Mediterranean climate
  • 1.300 islands and over 3.000 miles of impressive coast
  • wide range of sailboats and catamarans for rental along the coastline
  • the islands are great spots for sailing hiking or cycling activities
  • breathtaking marine national parks reachable only by boat
  • genuine Dalmatian culinary delicacies and top wines of Istria
  • small distances between the islands is ideal for beginners
  • warm and crystal-clear seas allow you to exercise plethora of water sports
  • Impressive UNESCO world heritage sites, ancient island villages and monumental medieval cities
  • amazing maritime atmosphere, landscape diversity and untouched nature
Sailing in Croatia

Croatia Yacht Charter With Skipper

Skippered charter is definitively the ultimate Croatia yacht charter experience ensuring you to discover hundreds of beautiful islands in a relaxing Mediterranean fashion. Whether your holiday prefernce is to sail or simply chill, your skipper is here to ensure a safe an above all exciting yachting adventure. He knows best sailing grounds, fun-loving spots and is fully aware of local weather conditions. If you prefer to have a quiet evening in a lonely cove, or to explore the famous Dalmatian cuisine he will recommend best spots and restaurants. With flexible itinerary, you can choose to visit world-known destinations like Hvar, Korcula or Dubrovnik where you can blend in the buzzing coastal promenades. Local skippers are communicative, fun to be with and a treasury of useful sailing tips, local legends and sailing stories they are eager to share.

Sailing in Croatia With Skipper

Chartering a yacht in Croatia

In Croatia you can rent almost everything that floats. What type of a sailing holiday to choose depends upon your travelling style, the level of sailing experience and mostly on your budget. Below you can find some yachts for rental along the Croatian coast in Bareboat, Skippered or a fully crewed option.


Dufour 460 Grand Large


Elan Impression 50.1


Sunreef 60

Bareboat & Skippred Charter FAQs


Renting a bareboat yacht allows you to independently sail and navigate your boat instead of hiring a professional skipper or a crew to do it for you.  


  • skipper will take full responsibility over navigation, so you can spare your vacation time to explore, swim and relax
  • no license or sailing knowledge is required, your captain has all the adequate certificates
  • skipper is your ultimate tripadvisor and can recommend best places to sail where you can eat local fresh and tasty
  • you don't need to worry about the weather or maritime conditions
  • feel welcome to refresh your sailing knowledge or learn some basic sailing skills
  • local skippers will give you best tips on safest anchorages, genuine island villages and best spots you can visit
  • 100% relaxation and ultimate vacation enjoyment


  • bareboat rental is the most affordable option of chartering yachts in Croatia
  • hiring a bareboat charter allows you to choose a vessel according to your needs
  • tailor the itinerary according to your needs
  • sail and explore at your own pace
  • complete independence and privacy on board your vessel
  • you can enjoy among your friends or family members
  • gain more self confidence behind the helm of your own yacht charter


To skipper a bareboat charter or flotilla yacht, you need to hold a practical sailing certificate equivalent to RYA Day Skipper Practical qualification or RYA International Certificate of Competence (ICC).


Even owning a required sailing certificate is sometimes not enough to operate a yacht on your own. If you feel uncertain in your naval knowledge or maneuvering skills to independently navigate the yacht, you can always hire a skipper to do it for you. Basically it all depends on how much self confidence you have and the level of your practical sailing knowledge.


You can always switch from a skippered to a bareboat charter during your charter week. With the condition that you own adequate sailing license to navigate the boat. Skipper in this case is only paid per day for services provided. It is mandatory for leaseholder to cover the skipper's expenses on transportation to the original base.


Bareboat charter is the most affordable option where you don't pay for the skipper's services. You only pay for the yacht rental and the mandatory extras such as end cleaning and base cost.


The itinerary on skippered charters is completely flexible and can be arranged with your skipper at embarkation. Skippers will be delighted to recommend a suitable itinerary and also hear your route preferences to make your holiday week a indulging cruising experience.


Absolutely. You can always bring your own supplies on board. There are many stowing places and lockers on board including large refrigerator in galley. Don't forget to ask your skipper what his food preferences are. It is also mandatory to also take care of skipper's meals during the charter period.


Besides yacht rental and skipper's fee you should also consider these costs during your yacht holiday:

  • Local tax 1.35€ per person daily
  • Sesurity deposit for your vessel
  • Fuel (per consumption average 100€ per week)
  • Food for you and skipper
  • Port and marina fees
  • Various transfers & taxis