Get ready for the ultimate yachting experience

A relaxed sailing trip in Croatia with knowledgeable local skipper is probably the most authentic way of spending your holiday on Adriatic. What can be better then to embark on a private sailing boat to explore the impressive islands of this hidden European gem with no worries in the world? 

Hire catamaran or a sailboat with crew for a memorable journey through the maze of countless Dalmatian islands in Split - Zadar region, or experience the stunning dance of the blue and the green of heart-shaped Istria peninsula. Discover land's rich cultural and historical heritage, epic stone-walled towns, intact landscapes and swim in the abundance of pristine natural coves.

Skippered yacht trip is suitable for families with kids, couples, honeymooners, groups of friends, and anyone, who wants to first-hand embrace Croatia in its full authenticity.

Small distances between the countless islands natural bays, pleasant climate, warm locals and topmost cuisine place this sunny Mediterranean country into a one-of-a-kind holiday destination.

Crewed sailing holidays Croatia

8 reasons to hire a crewed yacht charter

  • 100% flexible route itinerary
  • discover the secret corners of Adriatic at your own pace
  • with our skipper your trip will be a relaxed and care-free journey
  • Croatian skippers have the best knowledge of local weather conditions
  • skipper takes responsibility over yacht's steering, docking and navigation
  • refresh your sailing knowledge or learn some basic sailing skills
  • you will receive best tips and be able to sail as a local
  • the crew can first-hand recommend best local restaurants
Relax, your skipper will steer the boat for you

Hire our well-maintained yachts from economy to luxury line:


Price Range From 1.200€ - 2.590€

Elan Impression 40

Price Range From 8.800€ - 19.380€

Bali 5.4 Luxury

Price Range From 1.450€ - 3.500€

Bavaria 46 Style

Select Preferable  Destination

To make your decision easier, please take a glimpse over our one-week route itineraries from Split, Pula and Zadar. Or take the advantage of exclusive accommodations on a luxury fully crewed catamaran charter in Dubrovnik. This is a one-of-a-kind vacation to stay within you lifelong memories.

Split Sailing Tour 

Rent a sailboat in Split and cruise around south Dalmatian islands. Visit the mystic Vis, famous Hvar and discover countless beaches of Brač.

Sailing from Split

Zadar Sailing Tour

Rent yacht charter in Zadar for your sailing holidays on northern Adriatic. Discover Kornati islands, and Krka waterfalls.

Sailing From Zadar

Pula Sailing Tour

Take one the most authentic sailing itineraries in Croatia. Embark in vibrant Pula town to sail across the intact northern Adriatic.

Sailing from Pula

Catamaran Trip Dubrovnik

Spend a leisurely vacation on a crewed catamaran charter from Dubrovnik. Explore the pearls south Dalmatia in style and maximum comfort.

Crewed Catamaran

Experince the highlights with Croatian skipper

You will be well looked after by your experienced skipper. He/she will sail the boat for you, so no extra sailing skills are required. Our skippers are mostly knowledgeable local guys and girls, aware of maritime and weather conditions in the area. He will help you accommodate aboard and safely navigate the yacht to most remarkable places on Adriatic.

Our skippers will be happy to show you some sailing basics, if you are interested, so that you can easier fall in love with sailing. They are fluent in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Consider them as your tour guides during sailing trip. Your itinerary is completely flexible, just relax and discover Croatia at you own pace. Learn some facts about Croatia sailing holidays before departure: what to pack and Best time to sail Croatia

Crewed Yacht Charter FAQs


Croatia yacht rental with crew cost depends on these factors: sailboat type, age, equipment, length and the charter season. Price for a comfort line sailboat Bavaria 46 in peak season (July and August) is 2.500 - 3.500€/week. May, early June late September between 1.500 - 2.500€/week. That covers the vessel, end cleaning, bedding, handling fees and dinghy with outboard engine.

Extra Cost For Crew:

  • Skipper from 130€/day
  • Hostess from 120€/day
  • Cook from 150€/day


The cost for a new, 50-foot sailing yacht in peak season (July and August) lies between 4.000€ and 5.600€. In the off sseason April, May and late September and June 2.300€ - 3.900€/week. That covers the vessel, end cleaning, bedding, handling fees and dingy with outboard. You also need to cover the safesty deposit for yacht. Skipper fee 140€/day plus food, Hostess (optional) 130€/day.


The cost for comfortable catamaran Lagoon 40 with max. 10-person capacity, lies between 4.000€ - 6000€/week in July and August. In shoulder season 2.500€ - 4.000€. Price includes one-week catamaran rental, end cleaning, bedding, Wi-Fi, handling fees and dingy with outboard engine.

Crew Cost (extras to be paid at spot):

  • Skipper from 140€/day
  • Hostess 130€/day
  • Cook from 150€/day


In these uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is hard to think of a better vacation then rental of a private yacht. Taking a relaxed sailing trip with your close ones to explore hundreds, mostly uninhabited Croatian islands is at the moment probably the safest holiday. Staying isolated from busy mainland cities in the fresh ocean air, absorbing pleasant sunbeams in the company of the people you know is best way to reduce the chance of getting infected with Coronavirus.


Croatia in general, is one of the safest countries in the world. Overall crimes are quite low making it extremely safe to travel around. On land or at sea. This Mediterranean gem is the cradle of sailing holidays and a true paradise for sailing inclined. With warm and calm Adriatic sea, fair weather, abundance of sunshine, moderate winds and friendly local people is a must-visit for beginners or experienced sailors. There are 2 rules to remember when sailing in Croatia - respect the weather and be cautious of the gusty Bora wind.


It is all up to your habits and your budget

In Croatia you can charter almost everything that floats. But one-week charter, with the option of overnight is only possible if you charter Sailing yacht, Catamaran or Motor Yacht. With sailing yacht you are mostly dependable on winds, but it will give you more sailing pleasures and quiet with minimum fuel consumption. Catamarans are much wider, stable, and comfortable. Extra commodity and luxury, means also higher rental price, larger costs on fuel, berths and marinas.

Catamaran is somewhere between a motor boat and a sailboat, ensuring even more space when it comes into the quality of living aboard. Most of the chartered catamarans even have a flybridge that is used for sailing and sunbathing and this just ads to the outside space to socialise. If you want to move faster and your main concern is not large fuel consumption, simply hire a motor yacht. 

If you think green, rent a sailboat

Less consumption means less exhaust into the sea. Especially if you stay most of the time under sails. When you hire a sailboat in Croatia you also gain the unique opportunity to embrace the land's amazing landscapes in full authenticity. It will elevate your sailing experience on a higher level.

Find the perfect yacht for the perfect vacation

To narrow your choice, you should also estimate how much space do you need and how high your budget is. Larger the group, bigger the yacht, bigger the yacht, larger the cost. When you plan to take a sailing trip with children, catamaran might be a better choice. If you stay on a budget, a sailing yacht with 2 steering wheels and bathing platform should do. To divide the costs it is common that 2 families rent one catamaran. One hull for one family. Specify your wishes, select preferable sailing period and the itinerary requirements in your INQUIRY


A leisurely round trip in Croatia usually takes 7 days. Within main season (July, August), yacht charters in Croatia start and end Saturdays. However, in shoulder season (September, May, October and  June) short sailing trips are also possible. To explore best coastal places and visit the most beautiful Croatian islands, at least 1-week tour is recommended.


High summer in Croatia might be quite busy with tourists, however weather is simply glorious. If you like more action, vivacity, buzzing streets and warm Mediterranean temperatures, you will hit the spot, if you take a trip in peak season months July or August. If you prefer less crowds and more tranquillity on vacation and to actually experience the genuine heartbeat of the country you should consider June or September.

Weather conditions with bit stronger winds and still warm temperatures in September is a skippers delight, but if you are looking for a one week of a leisure on your sailing vacation, then June is the perfect choice.


There are many inclusions in your private tour that you pay before the departure, so that you don't encounter any hidden fees on your trip. It all mostly depends on what your expectations and habits are. if you are on a low budget, 20-30€/day/person for food and extra 10-20€ for transfers, bars and harbour fees should do.


  • end cleaning, handling fee and charter base costs
  • bed linen, cooking gas
  • towels (only for bathroom use)
  • Wi-Fi connection up to 10 GB
  • outboard engine and dinghy


  • skipper fee from 120€-150€/day (Payable at embarkation)
  • sojourn/tourist tax 1.3€/person/day
  • fuel for the boat app.100€/week for a 45-foot sailboat
  • port and mooring fees (from 50-120€ for a 45 foot sailboat)
  • taxis and transfers (water taxi 10 -15€/person)


What to bring and how should I pack

With plenty of sun, Croatia is one of the sunniest European destinations. The climate along the Adriatic coast in summer is quite dry and hot. If your sailing trip is in summer, just bring bathing suite, extra swimming towels, and your personal wardrobe (not too much). In case of rain you need to bring some warm clothes, maybe a light sweater, water resistant wind jacket and a pair of sneakers with rubber sole. It is highly recommended to bring your soft handbag a duffel bag or rucksack instead of a plastic suitcase, simply to gain more space in your cabin. Please read about the Sail Croatia Packing List for newbies. Please remember and pack light.

8 Things that you don't want to forget on a sailing trip:

  •   boarding pass/voucher
  •   sun protection items (sun lotion, sunglasses for UV protection, hat)
  •   bathing suit or a swim suit
  •   your passport, or personal ID, enough cash, health insurance
  •   swimming towels
  •   your personal items (prescription pills, medicine for allergy...)
  •   a wind stopper or a wind breaker in summer a long-sleeved cardigan would do
  •   positive vibes (leave your worries at home)


Croatian coast has moderate prices compared to other European countries. However, the prices vary from region to region. Locals say that the prices in Croatia rise as you travel along the coast from north to south. Seaside destinations and Dalmatian islands might be bit more expensive while Istria and Kvarner in the north still keep their prices comparable to the inland. Remember to rather eat and drink local then imported.

Some prices at the coast:

  • cup of coffee 1.5€
  •  pint of local beer 2.5€
  •  1,5l bottled water from store 0.7€
  •  public transport 1-2€ one way
  • 1 bottle of local medium quality wine in store 6€
  •  average 3- course dinner 25-30€/person

Total trip cost really depends on where and how you choose to spend your money and your travelling habits. Yacht charter prices in Croatia are still 10-15% cheaper then in Italy, Greece or Spain. On a sailing trip you can easily get around on daily budget app. 30-40€/person/day.


When it comes to navigation and safety at sea, skipper is fully in charge of the yacht. He should have well developed organisation and communication skills, to harmonise the crew's wishes with the actual maritime situation. A good skipper should make the guests aboard feel comfortable, relaxed and safe on their sailing trip. Croatian skippers are communicative, opened and full of tips for guests visiting this hidden Mediterranean gem.

The Inclusions

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Optional Extras:

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