Culinary Sailing Tour In Croatia

Gourmet sailing experience

Discover the impressive Croatian coast on the most unique way. Set sails through the azure blue Adriatic and taste how the Mediterranean should be. A culinary sailing tour around the most beautiful islands in Croatia gives you a great opportunity to explore this little European gem and taste it's heaven-like cuisine.

Discover the green and the blue of the pristine landscapes in Dalmatia in the most unique way-  on a sailboat. Swim or snorkel in intact emerald coves, walk the secret island paths, cycle through rugged terrain and taste home produced food and local wine in the remote eco villages. Enjoy the romantic sunsets in locally-run seaside restaurants in your best company...

Explore Croatian coast in the most authentic and green-oriented way

On our "off-the-beaten-track" route we will tend to keep the awareness of retaining the sea and the shores clean. On this exceptional sailing journey we will try to stay under the sails most of the time, eat local and tend to support everything traditional. To buy some fish from local fishermen and cook your own dinner aboard is always a welcoming challenge on your week-long sailing trip.

Just relax in a fresh sea breeze and let the wind take you to the most magical places of Adriatic. With the large accent on the top-notch cuisine, you will get to taste the true Croatia.

Gourmet sailing experience

Discover traditional Croatian cuisine on a sailboat

Returning to nature and traditional cuisine has been a growing trend lately. Visiting these eco farms is not only your best option to explore the island interior but also a perfect place to unwind in peace and quiet, enhanced by the sounds of nature, the fascinating smells of Dalmatian herbs and the view. Traditional manufacturing and locally produced food is healthier, original and always fresh, so you can spoil you senses and enjoy in harmony and the variety of flavors. Local family-run restaurants called "Konoba" are a cradle of amazing food, organic products and genuine hospitality

Many of them are but a short stroll from your anchorage, which makes them an ideal destination for boaters desiring to see a completely different picture of the coast or the islands. Here you will have the opportunity to stretch your legs and take a stroll through the colorful island paths.

Culinary Sailing Tour - The Highlights

  • experience the Adriatic in a unique and authentic way
  • taste traditional local cuisine and genuine home products
  • add the significant contribution to the essence of sailing culture
  • help support the advance of the family-run eco production
  • obtain preservation of cultural heritage and maritime tradition
  • actively participate in on a sailing tour and learn how to sail
  • first-hand experience authentic Mediterranean philosophy
Croatia culinary sailing - lunch by the sea

Best Croatia sailing itinerary to avoid the crowds

The itineraries on culinary sailing tour is already well chosen and adjusted to meet everyone's neds. The route follows one of the best Croatia sailing tours around the alluring islands of Split region. Our tour has already 4 dinners and 2 wine tasting included. You can always upgrade your tour with different water activities like snorkeling, swimming, hiking or diving. Anything you want to know about sailing in Croatia is, please read in FAQ's. 

Best time to sail Croatia on our culinary route is shoulder season in May, June, September and October.

Sail Croatian coast on our Split yacht charter fleet


The prices below including 4 dinners, 2 wine tasting, skipper, are calculated for 

4 guests on a 3-cabin sailing yacht (Elan Impression 384) - ECONOMY LINE

6 guests on a 4-cabin sailing yacht (Elan Impression 45) - COMFORT LINE

8 guests on a 5-cabin sailing yacht (Bavaria 51)  - PREMIER LINE

Contribute and support sustainable tourism in Croatia

The undiscovered beauty of ancient Dalmatia beyond the tourist hustle and bustle and the centuries-old stone houses that reflect the Mediterranean charm and a unique philosophy, all are within elbow's reach to anyone longing for a different vacation within pute unspoilt nature. 

It is essential to bring a positive impact and responsible attitude towards our natural habitat and promote local products in order to sustain and give an opportunity to the regional development. This is how our legacy is preserved and sustained to the next generations in all its beauty. All together we can actively create a long-term synergy that will continue to blossom through the generations to come.

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