Croatia sailing Tips


Congratulations! Your plans for this vacation is taking a private sailing trip in Croatia. You fixed the date and preferred destination (Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar or Pula). But before you hire a suitable yacht for your tour, there are 4 things that you should keep in mind:

  • What type of yacht do I rent - a catamaran a sailboat or a motor boat
  •  How many people are coming  - is very important, so that you book the yacht of suitable size and capacity for the whole group
  •  Your estimated budget - probably the most important before renting a boat. You can choose from economy to luxury line yachts
  •  Your expectations and habits - do you need a full board crewed yacht charter, or only a private skippered tour

Please consider, that you will be on a sailing yacht for one week. There will be other people aboard and everybody should be comfortable and have a great time. This is why is advisable to take a comfortable vessel with enough space for all the guests and a cabin for skipper. If you are not sure about the yacht type and size, we can recommend best possible option for your group.


The sailing season in Mediterranean runs from April to October. There are, however, some different factors to consider before you set sail, such as the weather, your holiday expectations and budget. Prices between preseason an peak-season can fluctuate considerably. This will not only have an effect on your travel plans, but your overall holiday budget too.

1. Budget Croatia is still considered one of the cheapest sailing destinations in Europe. There is definitely a yacht charter affordable for every pocket. Yachting holidays are comparable in price to many other summer holidays for example a 4-star hotel. But instead of a hotel, you have a "apartment that moves and floats". Charter yacht prices and skippered packages, can be considerably cheaper during the off season in April or  May, even mid. June. Peak of the season is in July, August until middle of September. The yacht prices (and the prices in general) reach its top from middle  July until middle of August. For example - a 40-foot economy sailing yacht that can accommodate up to 6 people is app.1.850€ in peak season. Plus the extras (see our skippered programs). At the end, it is up to you haw far are you willing to strech.

2. Expectations

Your tastes and vacation preferences can also influence your budget.

Are you a type of person that likes vibrant cities and harbours rammed with ships, crowds and buzzing summer Riviera? Or someone who would like to avoid masses and prefers tranquillity and less traffic at sea. If you are adventure seeker that likes more action at sea, then our Croatia activity yachting tour in May or September is you cup of tea. 

If you wish, you can either sail away from the crowds in summer months, or you can visit the vibrant cities Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar or Pula in off season. You have variety of options. We will be privileged to recommend the itineraries considering your expectations and personalise your tour.

If you sail with kids, we recommend summer months August and July. It its warmest across the region, there are plenty of hours of daylight for various outdoor activities. For experienced sailors, that want to sail Croatia on a bareboat yacht, Spring or Autumn is also an excellent choice.

3. Weather

The weather conditions in certain region play the main role when you are considering of setting the date. What season to choose, is entirely your decision. If you prefer boiling under the warm sun, taking a sailing trip in summer is your best decision.  But if you are sensitive to heat, then you should consider taking  your trip in April, May, September or October. The air temperature in April and May can reach  25 degrees, however the sea is still a bit cold 15-20. The peak season from middle June until September, the mercury is at consistent 30+ degrees, with often peaking well into the 40's. Pushing towards Autumn, temperatures drop to the mild 25, however the sea until the end of October can still hold the temperatures above 20.

The prevailing wind in Summer is landward-blowing wind "Maestral (NW) which gives pleasant sailing.

The weather along the Croatian coast can be quite tricky though. Mostly due to the closeness of mountain barriers, a complete calm air can easily turn into the near gale force thunderstorm coming from West or cold Bora wind (NE) from the mainland. Even though that only happens rarely, and there is always a weather warning issued beforehand. 

For the first-time visitors/sailors we highly recommend the summer season in July or August. Generally because the weather on Adriatic is hot, the water is warm, cool soothing breeze comes from the seas and no precipitation or temperature extremes are expected.


For citizens of the EU, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada visas are not required. Citizens from South Africa require visas, including a Schengen visa since Croatia joined the EU in July 2013.


It is highly recommended to arrange the traveller's insurance policy in your country. Every person is sailing at their own risk. Your skipper will give you some basic safety instructions at the embarkation. And if you follow them, everything will be fine. Generally, how to move aboard, what to be careful of while sailing,... Most of the guidelines are for your own safety! Please bear in mind that a vessel is a moving object affected by the waves, current and winds. ACTIVE SAILING charter agency does not carry any further responsibilities for injuries or accidents of clients during the sailing period, before or after your embarkation.


Even though Croatia is a member of the EU, the official currency is still Kuna. But you can (almost) everywhere pay in Euros.

Current exchange rate: 1€ = 1.1$ = 7.4 KUNA.

How much do you want to spend depends upon your budget and your expectations.

Usually in the restaurants, marinas,...but not in grocery shops, super markets and 24/7s. However, credit cards are always accepted. ATMs are available in every marina and town port in Croatia. In any case, we recommend to have some KUNAS in you pocket at all times. Don't leave you money and valuable things aboard, if you leave your yacht. It can attract unwanted attention.

We recommend budget 20-30€/day/person for food and extra 10-20€ for transfers, bars and harbour fees.


You will receive all the embarkation details in your boarding pass. Your boarding pass is issued when the booking is payed in full. If you travel by car, you can always find free space in marina. If you are coming by plane, there is always enough transfers and taxis to take you to the marina on time. We can also arrange a taxi transfer if needed. Please inform us beforehand if you need your transfer.


Adriatic sea is certainly the calmest sea in the Mediterranean. Especially in summer months, the winds don't exceed 20 knots. Between June and September a light NW Maestral wind causes smooth, sparkling waves that rarely reach moderate level (4 Ft.) The sunny Adriatic enjoys an average of 315 cloudless days a year. And they are all during the summer months.

These are the perfect conditions for any sailor. Novice or experienced. And a great chance for a bareboat rental or a private trip in Croatia


The weather in Croatia during the main season between June and September is with one word Glorious. The air temperature often peaks 30 degrees (86F) and the sea is at constant 25 (77F). 

Generally, the temperatures on Adriatic also vary from north to south. In the northern parts (Istria, Kvarner) it can be extremely hot during summer months with almost no winds and average 2 or 3 strong thunderstorms a month. But it can also be very nice and fair in June. More to the south in Split or Zadar region, a passing summer storm is less likely. Plus, there is always constant light wind blowing in Dalamtia in July and August.

As the temperature in late Spring rises, so does the sea temperatures. Anchoring in a secluded cove is a perfect opportunity to take a dive in a crystal water. In the beginning of June, so just go for it.


Yes. Although the official check in and check out charter days in Croatia are Sturdays, we've launched a special Wednesday - Wednesday charter program! You get plenty more by coming on Wednesday such as:

  • less crowd at the airports and marinas
  • more space to park your car in the marina
  • a full weekend at sea
  • no queues on gas stations
  • faster check in and check out