Sailing Packing List

Are you a novice sailor, leaving on a sailing holiday to Europe for the first time and don't exactly know what to pack? Don't worry. Within the years of sailing the Mediterranean, I gained some useful experience when it comes to what, and how much to pack for a 7-day sailing tour. What to bring, generally depends on the sort of trip, the trip length, and the season. Sailing trip in Croatia or in any other country usually takes 7 days. That is why I suggest that you pack everything that you need for a week-long vacation. Bear in mind that wind, sun and water are the 3 factors that you should count on before you start your sailing adventure. Here's some tips for your boat sailing trip.  

Best time to sail in Croatia

Great! You decided to visit Croatia, and booked a skippered private sailing tour. Let's face it, One-week of smooth sailing through the blue Adriatic and exploring the pristine coastline at your own pace, is a dream-like vacation. With no doubt, a private yacht tour is a higher level of any vacation. Witnessing the beauties of this Mediterranean gem under the sails can be at any traveller's wish list. And the big question now is  - When do I book my yacht week? It all depends upon 3 factors: Your Expectations, The Weather and Your Budget. And remember - Any time is good time to sail Croatia.

Top Sailing Places In Croatia

Blessed with a wealth of natural riches, this hidden European gem earned its fame of being a sailing paradise within maritime circles. With nearly 2.000 islands and infinite rocky indented shore, moderate winds, perfect climate and sun-soaked Adriatic sea, Croatia is every sailors delight. Hopping between the islands on a private sailing tour is actually the ultimate way of exploring the highlights. To discover the most attractive destinations in Croatia under the sails, is a dream-like vacation for anyone. For the first-time visitors I give you 10 best places on Dalmatian islands that is a must-visit. Authentic stone-built fishing villages, buzzing seaside towns, charming Venetian architecture, distant islands blanketed in abundant vegetation and unique Mediterranean philosophy of Croatian people, is something you have to experience in first-hand. During my 8-day sailing trip I saw a small handful of Croatia’s islands, but there are definitely some, you can’t afford to miss out.